PODCAST: Ragged Records Black Friday Live Event

Welcome to the Black Friday Edition of The Nothing Shocking Podcast. On this episode we talk to not one, but three bands/artists.

We kick things off with Steven Krug of the bands The Last Glimpse and Kronos Resistor. Steven played a killer acoustic set, but his two bands couldn’t be more different that his solo work or each other. During the episode we’re going listen to “Ashes” from his band The Last Glimpse.

You can check Steven Krug and his bands out here:


The second band we caught up with is Them Som Bitches. These guys are hilariously entertaining. They played their set that day as Weezer, but they’re wholly original. We’re going to listen to their song “Cart Cowboy” off of their EP “Asphalt Plains.” 

You can check Them Som Bitches out here:


Finally we caught up with the band Subatlantic. In many ways they stole the show for me. Closing out the show we’re going to listen to their track “State of Birds” from their Daytrotter session. You can check them out at:


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