A Conversation with Author Masood Vahdani - Interview

Author Masood Vahdani's new novel, "Beyond the Painting (Poetry of Blood Book 1)," is currently available now. You can get the book at Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Paitnig-Poetry-Blood-Book-ebook/dp/B01A282TWQ. I recently sat down with the author to talk about the new book.
Q - Tell me a little bit about yourself.
A - I am in my early 30s. I was born and grew up in a family, which reading books was and still is one of the daily hobbies. This meant that I started reading books in a very young age.
I'm also a big fan of movies. I think books and movies are time traveler machines. Because you can have different journeys in different places, and time periods; so you can experiences things that you never imagine, learn and feel ideas without moving from your seat. Isn't this amazing?
Q - Your new novel is called, "Poetry of Blood: Beyond the Painting." First of all, how did you come up for the idea for this story?
A - Usually human beings pay attention to the surface of things; most of us are not profound creatures. In 'Poetry of Blood: Beyond the Painting' I wanted to bring the attention to a deeper layer, which the real story or our journey take place there.
Q - Secondly, with all the stories about vampires, how does this novel differ?
A - As you aware different characters in story of vampire's books have been written based on some rules and specific identification, which most of them have been created by Bram Stoker.
In 'Beyond the Painting' you face new vampires that are created as another new race of human beings. They have all the elements of human even physiological and emotional issues like the rest of us. So I have my supposed heroes to be troubled and disturbed similar to most of people around me. I applied what I saw in men and women around me to the characters of 'Beyond the Painting.'
Q - The story looks at vampire lore from the perspective of the vampire hunter. What type of research did you do for the novel?
A - I went back to Stoker's 'Dracula.' He gave us a Van Helsing who is an eccentric academic with a great touch of Christianity. The vampire hunter in 'Beyond the Painting' is an academic too! The difference is after spending years of time with academics in Oxford and its libraries, knowing them and their world, and especially knowing the sense of bleakness that sadly most of them feel in their lives, inspired me to create the unique vampire hunter that I have created.
Q - What challenges did you face during the writing of this novel?
A - There were several obstacles. But the main one was writer's block of course! I knew the story. I knew how it wanted to progress, but there were times that 'Beyond the Painting' would get a hold of me and wouldn't want to be told!
Q - Which authors influenced your writing, for this novel in particular?
A - I have read far too many books over the years. And in all those reading I have encountered different structures and characters. I learned from them. I honestly cannot name one writer that influenced me more than the other in writing 'Beyond the Painting.'
Q - What are you working on now?

A - I believe the term 'writing' is not suitable to describe the activity that lead to a fiction book. You write a letter or an essay or an academic research. With fiction, poetry or children book you create new people, new times, and new worlds even.
I have finished a children's book few months back. I am now working on the sequel to 'Beyond the Painting,' which is called 'Poetry of Blood: Beyond the Whisky.' I am also researching material, albeit in a very French and relaxed fashion, for my two next novels after 'Poetry of Blood: Beyond the Whisky.'
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