MUSIC NEWS: Valley Shine Drops Delicious Video For “Sugar Dream”

Indie folk band, Valley Shine, released the music video for their latest single, "Sugar Dream," jam-packed with candied imagery that illuminates the sweet melody. Bursting with an enchanting assortment of lighthearted and delightful animation, the video evokes the cheerful and enthusiastic spirit of the song. "Sugar Dream" is the first single off their upcoming LOCA EP, due out November 3rd. Watch "Sugar Dream" on YouTube and download it on iTunes now.
Serving as a seamless visual companion to the track, members Sam Sobelman and Jenna Blake put on a playful maraca shaking, tambourine-banging performance, surrounded by a variety of eye-catching, delectable treats. The music video highlights the charisma and amusing personality of the song; as it finds Sobelman and Blake in a charming landscape of confectionery, rocket ships, bumble bees and vibrant colors that make it impossible to refrain from smiling. While the video emphasizes the lively nature of the music, the subtext of "Sugar Dream" is a little more tart than sweet. The song plays with the concept of sweet and sour; mixing a warm and upbeat melody to nearly mask the bitter reality that the narrator is struggling to accept that the object of their affection has not only moved on, but also found someone else. Yet the darling duo singing, "doesn't matter what you say, I will always feel this way. You will always be my sugar dream," with such enthusiastic grins as they are surrounded by a myriad of licorice and hearts, ensuring that even in the face of heartbreak, everything truly will be okay. The video for "Sugar Dream" was directed and edited by Max Allyn, assisted in both efforts by Jenna Blake and filmed by Carlo Alberto Orecchia.
Jenna Blake and Sam Sobelman were united by a mutual love of whiskey, cats and bluegrass music, which would lead them to form Valley Shine early in 2014. In collaborating to write music, the two immediately found that their musical perspectives and style complemented each other perfectly. The pair would soon after enlist Troy Lawton on drums, Danny Severance on violin, Myke Wilken on guitar and cello, and Stewart James on bass completing their live performing band. Valley Shine has performed at venues such as Hotel Café, The Silverlake Lounge, Molly Malone's, El Cid and KCRW's Desert Nights at The Standard.
"Sugar Dream" is filled with luscious visions that match Valley Shine's irresistible music, leaving fans hungry for more. Valley Shine's LOCA EP will be released November 3rd and the band will be holding the CD Release Show at the legendary Hotel Café on Saturday, November 7th. Download "Sugar Dream" now available on iTunes, stream it on Spotify and be sure to watch the music video on YouTube. To learn more about the whimsical adventures of Valley Shine, check out
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