It’s a frustrating time to be a fan of heavy metal. Not because the music isn’t any good, but because there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of support for all the great bands out there. We’re a passionate group of fans, but we’re only passionate about what we like. If another metal band is slightly different than the band we love we turn on them as opposed to being a fan of all of it. It’s frustrating to see. One of those great bands is a band Tad Morose. They’re a metal band from Sweden who has been around forever. They love this shit so much they’d do it for nothing. They’ve got a new album out called “St. Demonius.” I got a chance to chat with Christer “Krunt” Andersson about the new album and the state of heavy metal.

Bob Zerull (BZ): "St. Demonius" is your second album with Despotz Record and also the second album as part of your “comeback.” The band never really went away for you, but do you feel rejuvenated over these last couple albums?

Christer “Krunt” Andersson (CA): Yes of course. It feels very nice to be able to catch up and regain some lost momentum and be able to play live again! That´s the fuel in our engine!  

BZ: When you go into the writing and recording process of making a new album do you know ahead of time what you’re going for or does it take shape as your making the music?

CA: In a way we of course have a very clear vision of what we want. We want it to be better in all aspects. Better songs, more variations, better performing, better sound and so on. But then it always kind of develops by itself. Sometimes we get surprised ourselves too. It could be a song that perhaps started out as a fast and simple one but after we are done with it, it could have turned out to be a slow and weird one. You never know. So it kind of takes shape during the process. That´s what´s makes it interesting and fun.

BZ: What is your writing process and does it change album to album?

CA: It has always been about the same. Everybody puts in their ideas and then we argue over and over about all the details and try different variations until enough band members are just too fed up arguing about it anymore. (laughs). Sometimes somebody might have almost a complete song done and then we take it apart and change everything. (laughs). One thing I know is that our way is not the fastest way to write songs, but it´s our way.  

BZ: You’re a Swedish metal band which must mean you play metal music and are from Sweden. There are so many subgenres in metal. Do you ever feel constrained by the genre you’re lumped into?

CA: Oh, you figured that out! Clever! (laughs). No, we don´t give a shit about that. Everybody can call us whatever they want, we don´t care. Some people say that we play “Prog-Metal” some say “Half doomy, soft trash” If you ask me, we play Heavy Metal. If someone, who perhaps would like us, don´t get to listen to us just because they never listen to metal music, have been missing out on, not only us of course, but also a whole lot of great bands. If they only knew what they have been missing! I guess people in general are pretty narrow minded and pretty much just listens to whatever they are fed with through the ever overflowing media stream. A good example is the Savatage / TSO thing if you know what I mean.  

BZ: Your band has been around forever, what keeps you going?

CA: We haven´t come up with any good reason to not keep going. We just like what we do and why should you stop doing something you like? Of course there are tremendous amounts of hard work to keep a band going but we are stubborn as hell and if you want something you got to be prepared to fight for it too. And we have fun doing it. That´s the most important thing! If it isn´t fun, it´s not worth doing if you ask me. Want it? Go get it! Nobody is going to get it for you.  

BZ: The only advice I can really give an up and coming artist is that they have to want it so bad they’d do it for free. What advice would you give to a young artist trying to create in the metal world?

CA: Have fun! Never, ever forget that! Go your own way and stick to your own gut feeling.  

BZ: Over here in the US the music industry is in shambles and metal seems to be getting hit the hardest. What has the experience in this industry been like for you during this “comeback.”

CA: It has of course changed quite a lot over the last ten years or so. There isn´t much money for tour support since you don´t sell as many records nowadays and so on but what can you do? Lie down on the floor and cry? I guess that won’r help. To be honest it really hasn´t affected us that much. I mean, we don´t make our living out of this, and never have, so we are not hit as hard as those who do.  

BZ: One thing I’ve noticed, at least in my area in the US is that people just aren’t going to live shows any more. That’s something that seems to be different overseas. Are crowds still showing up to support live music?

CA: Perhaps not in the same numbers as before but they still do. Many bigger shows and festivals are usually sold out way in advance over here. I guess the crowds save their hard earned money for the bigger events, which often are silly expensive, instead of going to smaller more local shows. This leads to that many clubs has to close down which is not good for the health of the music industry in the long run.

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