It’s fucking Slayer. What do you think this album sounds like? It sounds like Slayer. If you like Slayer…wait a second nobody likes Slayer. If you love Slayer you’re going to love “Repentless,” because it’s Fucking Slayer and it sounds like Fucking Slayer. In case any of you were worried they were going to finally crack and mellow out, fear not “Repentless” is as heavy, good and relevant as anything they’ve ever done.

Are you concerned about Gary Holt?

You shouldn’t be. All he really contributed to this album was a few solos. As much as it sucks that Jeff Hanneman is gone, having Gary contribute a few solos to the album makes for a fresh sound and allows for Gary to put his stamp on a few soon to be Slayer classics.

What about the lack of Dave Lombardo?

Paul Bostaph rips shit up on this album. Kerry King said “Repentless” is probably his best recording and I can get behind that.

I’m not going to waste any more of your time. If you love Slayer you’re going to love this album, if you don’t then you’re probably not reading this anyway.

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