ALBUM REVIEW - The Butcher Babies - Take it Like a Man

What year is it? Ok, that’s right it’s 2015. When I go on and I see an article about The Butcher Babies I shouldn’t have to read a bunch of sexist comments in the comment section. Please grow up. Can I tell you about the first time I heard The Butcher Babies? I saw several press releases coming through my email over the years. Then they started popping up on Blabbermouth on a pretty regular basis. On one particular post an audio player was included in the post.  I hit play on the player and my instant reaction was this is too heavy for me. I’m not a true metal head, I dabble in metal, I’m more of a hard rock guy. To me that is the highest compliment I can pay a metal band.

After seeing that The Butcher Babies went out on the road with Black Label Society and had a new album coming out I decided to give them a real shot. I purchased “Take it Like a Man” and spent some time with it and really let it sink in. The metal that I'm a fan of I truly love and it’s because I spend time with it. I'm passionate about the music I love but I have a great appreciation for all of it. That said, I love “Take it Like a Man.” It sounds like a band carving out their own little niche in this thing we love called heavy metal. Their first couple of albums sounded like a band trying to figure out who they are. On "Take it Like a Man" they've figured it out. Metal fans should give it a shot.

Which brings me back to In a recent interview Carla Coates was quoted as saying “People are afraid of sexuality, especially Americans.” If you scroll down to the comment section of that particular post you’ll come across several comments that makes me ashamed to be male.

Luke Nagel wrote “I’m afraid of shitty Tits N Ass metal with no substance.”

No substance? What does that mean? Half of Slayer is currently made up of an atheist and a catholic, they sing about all sorts of bad ass evil shit including satan worship. Does that mean they lack substance? Does it mean they're frauds? I don’t think so. You know what you can tell Kerry King his music has no substance...that it's not authentic. What's wrong with you?

David Clement went on to ask are they really porn stars? To which Jason Hildebrand responded by telling David to google Carla and the name of a video she made.

Why does any of this matter? She’s a true fan of heavy metal, that's all that should matter.  It shows in their music and their live performances. She's way more authentic than I am or any of these three guys, because we're in our parent's basements writing about metal or leaving nasty comments on Blabbermouth and not living heavy metal like Heidi and Carla along with the rest of the band are.

They're as authentic as any other metal band out there right now, but some of you can’t stand it because they’re female or because they may have been naked on video before. Who gives a shit. “Take it Like a Man” is a solid, thrashy metal album beginning to end. Nobody sounds like The Butcher Babies. As they get more and more popular (and they will) you’re just going to have to deal with it. They’re a legit metal band that’s gonna hang around for awhile, so shut up and "Take it Like a Man."

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