Emmy Award-winning writer ADAM RESNICK (Late Night with David Letterman, The Larry Sanders Show, Get a Life, Saturday Night Live, Cabin Boy) releases his highly-praised collection of personal essays 'WILL NOT ATTEND: LIVELY STORIES OF DETACHMENT AND ISOLATION' in paperback this month. Upon its release in hardcover, ROLLING STONE hailed WILL NOT ATTEND as "the year's funniest memoir," while it made BEST OF lists including The AV CLUB and CHICAGO TRIBUNE and BOOKLIST heralded Resnick as an "author at the top of his game."
In fact, rave reviews came in from all over including Resnick's former boss DAVID LETTERMAN who said "These Adam Resnick stories are great. You read one and think, That was so well done, maybe I'll read another. You think, The next one can't be as good, and it's even better. I hope you read this book. It's funny, smart and thoughtful. I loved it."
And BOB ODENKIRK says: "Adam Resnick is one of the funniest writers I've ever known, and he proves it big-time in this acid-swaddled memoir. You will laugh reading this book, I swear to Christ Almighty. Adam comes by his misanthropy honestly and bravely—and his continued existence is a tribute to the soul-nourishing qualities of an unrelenting, unforgiving, and hilarious outlook."
And from the mouth of JON STEWART, "Damn, this book is good."
WILL NOT ATTEND is available in paperback TUESDAY, JULY 28.
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