Concert Review: Nickelback Performance Urges My Question of Why They Are so Hated.

Nickelback returned to Moline, IL’s iWireless Center for a nearly two hour performance of the band’s greatest hits and a couple of new tunes. The No Fixed Address Tour, named after the band’s new album, consisted of new songs - “Million Miles an Hour” and “Edge of a Revolution” - and tunes that “you always hear on the radio,” according to front man Chad Kroeger.

This partly plays into the notion that Nickelback seems to be one of the most hated bands in America. For me, I consider myself a casual Nickelback fan mainly because I’ve only heard their songs on the radio, never actually buying an album. And by casual I mean if the radio is playing and a Nickelback song comes on, I don’t generally change the station.

Personally, I think a lot of their songs sound the same, which may be the reason why people dislike them. Or possibly that they are, in fact, one of the biggest bands in the world and people are jealous and like to jump on hated bandwagons, much like they do with Dane Cook and the New York Yankees.

So, let’s forget about the haters for a moment.

(Photo by Michael Muller)

Those in attendance were diehard Nickelback fans. During the course of the performance, many fans sang and danced along, especially the group of women in front of me, who did not let their age (possibly mothers or grandmothers) stand in their way of letting loose. Every dance you’ve learned at weddings, they did. The hula hoop, the running man, the cabbage patch, you name it. The Spider-Man - with your hand spinning a web where you’re acting like you’re a rapper thug but clearly you are a white chick - dance, they also did. I swear if there was enough room, they would have broken out the centipede.

As for the band, Kroeger played to the crowd like a successful front man should do, saying “We’re back!” after the first song, reinforcing that the band has not forgotten the Quad-Cities. And intermittently after each song throughout he engaged the audience with personal anecdotes about the band, their fans, and the like. In one spot of the concert, Kroeger “provided” to the audience around 50 glasses of beer by beer tossing the cups into the crowd.

Witnessing this band and crowd interaction is a testament of why the band has such an intimate relationship with their fans. And conceivably why they are as big as they are. Kroeger treated the audience like family, noting at one point that their shows were like big family reunions. Much like a family reunion (e.g. a wedding), it explains the behavior of the group of women in front of me, who clearly did not give a shit about how they looked and were specifically there to have fun.


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