BOOK REVIEW: Sarah Colonna’s Has Anyone Seen My Pants?

On March 31st comedian Sarah Colonna’s second book “Has Anyone Seen My Pants?” comes out and I’ve already read it. You can pre order the book here. Sarah Colonna has become one of my favorite working comedians over the last few years. I loved her on “Chelsea Lately,” I’ve seen her live and she really blew me away, she was even funnier than I thought she’d be. That’s the beauty of live comedy and if any of you haven’t had the chance to see her live, you’re missing out.

“Has Anyone Seen My Pants?” flows like a sitcom. Each chapter could be it’s own episode. I read the book like I was binge watching a complete season of “Louie” or “Maron.” I read the book in two days I couldn’t put it down. Oddly enough I found myself wanting to see this show, if only FX, AMC, IFC or one of these channels would give Sarah Colonna her own show with a reasonable amount of control. But I digress.

Her book reads like she talks, it's full of constant sharp wit. No matter what the topic is there’s a joke around the corner whether you're ready for it or not. She gets you to drop your guard and you become in invested in her stories then she slaps you in the face with a joke.  Sarah proves that she can make any topic funny including the passing of a family member or her cat of 16 years. I should reword that, she didn’t make their deaths funny she continued to be funny while talking about death and loss.

Spoiler alert this book has a sappy romantic happy ending which I suppose we can forgive since well it’s all true. I’ve read both of her books and in the end I’m really happy for her as you will be too if you read her books. You can’t help but root for Sarah. “Have You Seen My Pants?” is a fun read. The stories are hilarious, enjoyable. At times you feel hopeless and just want to get her out of certain situations but in the end she fills you full of hope. It’s a must read for Sarah Colonna fans. If you’re not aware of Sarah Colonna you’ll fall in love with her after reading this book, although if I were you I’d start with “Life as I Blow it” which you can pick up here.

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