MUSIC NEWS: Molly Roth Sets Out to Hypnotize Fans in 2015 With New Single

Singer-songwriter and fashionista, Molly Roth, is adherent about keeping authenticity and originality throughout every endeavor. Known for incorporating her vintage flare in her tunes, Molly shows her fresh innovation with her latest single, "Hypnotized." Taking the classic pop formula and turning it on its head, Molly incorporates saxophone lines and layered vocals to craft a whole new listening experience. "Hypnotized" is available for free download on Soundcloud.
"Hypnotized" was once again at the helm of producer Daniel Robert Ford, who helped launch Molly's career with 2014's "Pin Me Up". The latest track from the powerhouse team contains mesmerizing vocals and underlying hip-hop backbeats that pump the track up, making the chorus drop that much more intense. The single was inspired by the Phrygian dominant scale, which is strongly tied to Spanish gypsy music. "Hypnotized" showcases not only Molly's wide vocal range, but her strong songwriting abilities as well. "I like to think of the main sax line as the 'more masculine part', or like the snake charmer," says Molly. "The background harmonies underneath; it a spellbound choir of hypnotized Molly's." The theme of the song incorporates the longing lust for someone who has caught your attention and has you desiring for more. "I knew I wanted this song to be more club-based, something people could get down to."
Molly is an all around artist. Adding to her heavy work-load as a singer, Molly is also well-versed in piano and ukulele. With her keen eye for cutting-edge fashion, Molly was approached by the accomplished shoe company, Qupid Shoes, who has teamed up with the seductive pop star and gave her an endorsement. Before calling Los Angeles her home, Molly had posted up in a few different places including her hometown Wilmington, NC, London, England and Berkeley, CA.
Molly Roth shows that she is a force to the reckoned with in the pop world, as well as remaining recognizable while exploring many different styles of songwriting. "I like to meld styles together and I thought to myself, 'how could I modernize that style'?" "Hypnotized" represents Molly's newest exploration into the modern pop realm with prominent beats and catchy synth lines. As a gift to her listeners, Molly is currently offering "Hypnotized" as a free download on her Soundcloud page. Keep up with Molly Roth by visiting  
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