For over two decades pop-punk pioneers Bowling For Soup have been cranking out acclaimed and beloved albums that have influenced a generation of bands in their wake. Today, they're celebrating their 20th anniversary with the  release of Songs People Actually Liked (Vol. 1 - The First 10 Years 1994-2003); a collection of fan favorites from the first half of their career. The record is currently available for purchase via Que-So/Brando Records at iTunes and Amazon.
After twelve studio albums, including their most recent Lunch. Drunk. Love., Bowling For Soup launched a PledgeMusic campaign in early 2014 to help fund the creation of their first greatest hits record Songs People Actually Liked. The album features re-recorded classics like "Thirteen" from their debut, 1984 self-titled album, "Cody" from 1997's Rock on Honorable Ones!!, "Suckerpunch" from their 1998 EP Tell Me When to Whoa and "The Bitch Song" from their 2000 record Let's Do It For Johnny, among others.
Additionally, the collection includes a brand new track titled "20 Years (That's A Lot Of Beers)" that helps sum up their celebrated and fun loving career.
In other Bowling For Soup related news, frontman Jaret Reddick will be releasing a new record called The Chronicles of Tim Powers with his other band People On Vacation on February 3rd. Pre-order it now at iTunes.
Songs People Actually Liked (Vol. 1 - The First 10 Years 1994-2003) Track List:
1. Last Rock Show
2. Suckerpunch
3. Emily
4. Girl All the Bad Guys Want
5. You And Me
6. The Bitch Song
7. Scope
8. 2113
9. Punk Rock 101
10. Belgium
11. Life After Lisa
12. Cody
13. Thirteen
14. Dance With You
15. KoolAid
16. Pictures He Drew
17. Sandwich
18. 20 Years (That's A Lot Of Beers)

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