Bon Qui Qui would find it "Rude!" if her new album Gold Plated Dreams wasn't heard. From working in King Burger to a new hip-hop artist, Bon Qui Qui set out to make it in the hip-hop world with her overly ghetto, fabulous and hilarious album.

On January 20th, Bon Qui Qui will have her new album out, with her hit single "I'm A Cut You." After "I'm A Cut You" became a hit on YouTube, it was clear she needed to make more music that's just as funny. Since her fame and success, Bon Qui Qui made a few trailers teasing the new album and kept up with her fans.

Trailer for Gold Plated Dreams:
Watch "Dear Bon Qui Qui":

Bon Qui Qui is a character created by Anjelah Johnson-Reyes. Bon Qui Qui propelled Anjelah Johnson-Reyes' career forward after her character was a huge hit. She made her original appearance on MadTv working at King Burger and dealing with complicated customers. The MadTv sketch reached over 65 million views after airing. Her antics made an impression, especially her small segment of beatboxing and rapping. This led Bon Qui Qui to make her single, "I'm A Cut You." With over 3 million views on YouTube, Bon Qui Qui's legacy continues to grow.

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