SCIENCE NEWS: Bill Nye & Planetary Society Launch Exploration Application

Bill Nye, The Planetary Society, and Yale University are thrilled to launch THE EXPLORATION APPLICATION in support of the Exoplanets Laser Initiative and youth exploration outside our solar system. The application will take users on a digital scavenger hunt in collaboration with several online partners including Bill Nye, The Planetary Society, Yale University, Amoeba Music, Flavorpill, Visit Norway, and Norwegian electronic/pop artist The Green Children. Over the course of a week, users will navigate the web looking for 8 exoplanets, strategically hidden on partner websites and/or social properties. The app will track user progress throughout the week, and once all exoplanets are found the individual will be automatically entered to win a trip for two to Norway.

The Green Children, The Planetary Society, and Bill Nye have joined forces not only to excite and educate people about exploration of worlds outside our solar system, but also in hopes to raise awareness and funds for The Exoplanets Laser Initiative. Professor of astronomy Dr. Debra Fischer and her team from Yale are among the best "planet hunters" in the world, and have already built an Exoplanets Laser prototype. The goal is to upgrade to a professional-grade laser, which will be used in support of Yale's 100 Earths project - a quest to find and characterize 100 Earth-like exoplanets. Donations can be made to the project HERE.

The application has launched in conjunction with the release of  The Green Children's music video "Outline," which is similarly focused on exploration and discovery, and ties in directly with the application.

More information on The Exploration Application can be found HERE.  


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