Huntington Beach based No Sleep Records is proud to announce the signing of San Diego based rock band Anakin. The label has revealed today plans to release the band's new full-length record, Celestial Frequency Shifter, on February 3rd and has premiered the first new song, "Satellite," with in anticipation. Fans can pre-order the album now at
Formed in 2010, Anakin is a rock band who draw influence from the likes of blue-era Weezer, HUM, Nirvana, Failure and the Rentals. The band consists of Brad Chancellor (drums), Jonathan Wessel (vocals/guitar), Landon Cobarrubias (bass) and Beki Andreasen (keyboards) who together with their production team, Eric Graves and Joel Wanasek, create beautiful soundscapes of fuzzy, melodic and spaced-out atmospheric walls of sound as heard on tracks like "Satellite."
Stream Anakin's new song "Satellite" now at
""Satellite" was actually written around the time we started initial talks with No Sleep Records so it's pretty cool that it's the track that was picked to be premiered," says Chancellor. "It's basically about how it's important to be true to who you are and what you want. For whatever reason, we can sometimes lose that vision we've promised ourselves and we simply need to hit the reset button in order to restore our disposition."
The band's honesty washes over listeners with ethereal bliss throughout the new record as they strive to make a deeper connection with thoughtful and introspective lyrics that are both personal to the band yet relevant to listeners.
"Celestial Frequency Shifter is a creation that is meant to release an optimistic vibe," Chancellor explains. "The album plays on somewhat personal experiences but it's deliberately written in an abstract mode so that others can relate with it how they want/need to. The idea behind the title is that we as humans constantly seek to discover what our purpose is and it's okay to alter our mindsets as we uncover who we are. I'm personally obsessed with outer space and the unknown so that's a common theme in what we write. I also believe it's important to think positive under all circumstances and I'd like to think that our music presents hope to those who listen to it."
For the new record the band has partnered with No Sleep Records, joining the label's eclectic roster of artists like Balance and Composure, Xerxes, Allison Weiss and Aviator among others.
"We're stoked to have been able to connect with No Sleep Records," says Chancellor. "From the moment we started conversation with them, I knew this label was the one. The sincere approach to how they operate is second to none. I think that could be the most important quality No Sleep Records possesses next to how diverse their roster is. These people truly care about music. They support and believe in their artists' visions 110%. Everyone at the label has been super awesome to us and we couldn't be happier about this relationship we've established with them."

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