MUSIC NEWS: Hydrogen Child (formerly Super Water Sympathy) release debut single, "Sirens"

"It's a long road.  Just let it take you there."

That's the opening lyric from the new single "Sirens" by the Louisiana-based shimmer-pop band Hydrogen Child, and--for most artists on the planet--an inevitable truth.  But for the five natives of Shreveport that comprise the band--Ansley Rimmer, Clyde Hargrove, Chris Rimmer, Jason Mills and Hali Kha--this song and their forthcoming EP isn't about the ups and downs of life as a musician. It's about trying to understand life by dealing with the "now" while striving to get to the "when."

Formed in 2010,Hydrogen Child has gone through lineup changes and even recent name change; but success followed through every iteration from writing a song released by a major label pop artist (B.o.B) to two stints on Warped Tour to shows with Echosmith, AWOL Nation, and Royal Teeth.  They've also had several songs placed in TV shows, which has contributed to their growing fan base.

Influenced as much by the cypress and bayou surroundings of Caddo Parish as their love of the soundscapes of Sigur Ros and the 80s-influenced alt pop of The Killers, Hydrogen Child blends electronic sheen with rock n' roll drive to produce hooky, melodic songs soaked with the power and grace of Ansley Rimmer's unforgettable vocals.

With "Sirens" as the beacon for this next stretch of long road, the band hopes their music will inspire others to keep moving and keep dreaming--whether they are taking off or going home.

"The song is about taking control of your life and not letting others intervene. And it strikes a chord with us personally," said guitarist Clyde Hargrove. "We believe in self-empowerment and the universal life-force of all beings."

"Never gonna stop me, never gonna break me, never gonna know" Ansley sings in the first verse of "Sirens."  It's a feeling anyone who's been held down or held back can relate to.

For Hydrogen Child there's only one way to push through and it's summed up nicely in the song's chorus:

Let's start a riot
I'm sick of the silence
Yeah, we're getting louder
So bring on the sirens

With the release of their EP in 2015, more touring across the country and a whole lot more music to come, the members of Hydrogen Child expect their musical riot to get full blown.

Hydrogen Child is:
Ansley Rimmer – Vocals
Clyde Hargrove – Guitar
Chris Rimmer – Bass
Jason Mills – Keyboards
Hali Kha - Drums

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