Exclusive Interview: Bowling For Soup’s (@bfsrocks) Jaret Reddick Talks New BFS album, new People on Vacation album, and the Joy of Pledge Platforms.

Jaret Reddick gained his popularity by fronting the band Bowling For Soup. Since the band’s success, Reddick has ventured out to form a couple new bands, one of which being People On Vacation. He recently checked in to talk about POV’s new effort, as well as funding the project via pledge platform, PledgeMusic.

Thank you, Jaret, for taking time out.

Of course! Thank YOU!
I would say that most people know you for fronting the band, Bowling for Soup. But recently, your side project, People On Vacation (POV), has slowly started to gain momentum, opening for music powerhouse, Blue October. The band, which consists of yourself and Ryan Hamilton from Smile Smile, is about to release the fourth album called, “The Chronicles of Tim Powers!” Congrats on the new album.

Thanks SO much. It has been a really fun ride so far. And an unexpected one at that!
First of all, where did the album title come from? Secondly, is this the same Tim Powers as the fantasy and science fiction author?

Ha. No. Tim Powers is a prominent lawyer in Denton, Texas where BFS really got its start. He has been so awesome to us in supporting all of our fan funded projects, with all of my bands! He is an all around cool guy. Anyhoo, Tim pledged via our Pledge Music campaign to have the album named after him. At first, I told Ryan, ‘We fucked up man...Calling the album someone's name does not make sense.’ Ryan is a total nerd so when the comic book idea came up for the cover, it all started making sense!
POV’s sound combines your pop background with Ryan’s indie background. Being that this is your fourth go around together, is there still an element of surprise with how the songs have come out or has the chemistry turned this into a more serious band in regard to this being side projects for both of you?

Definitely more serious than a side project now. We consider ourselves a young band and shy away from terms like ‘project’ and such. We have chemistry and we also have a method now. An idea transforms quickly and we seldom get stuck. It took a while to actually accept our own rule of there being NO RULES in the songwriting process. We do now.

I love the lyrics on the “The Chronicles of Tim Powers!” You have a great way of moving stories forward. You’ve delved into TV and film, amongst other mediums. Have you ever thought about writing fiction?

I have thought about writing, yes, but I don't know where I would land. I do love telling stories. Especially if there is some truth to things and if those things strike a nerve with other folks.

Fronting and writing for multiple bands with fairly different styles, do you have different processes while writing for each project? How do you get into the different mindsets and do you see songs that were written for POV that may fit better for Bowling For Soup and vice versa?

I have been pretty lucky so far in that area. I do sometimes come up with a line and think ‘That sounds more like something BFS would say,’ or ‘If this were BFS, I could get away with that, but I don't know about it here.’ POV and BFS are pretty easy to separate since I have a writing partner that stays the same in POV with Ryan, but in BFS it can vary or just be me. Linus of Hollywood and I write a lot for BFS and other stuff. We have a band called Jarinus that is insanely ridiculous. I think in that band, lyrically, we have to be careful not to step on the BFS toes. So we just take everything to the next level!

“The Chronicles of Tim Powers!” was made by using pledge platform, PledgeMusic. What part of this process was the most stressful, wondering if the goal would be met or having to eventually mail out all the prizes?

It is always the fulfillment of the pledges. In every one of these I have been a part of, there are just some things that drag on and are hard to get to folks. That said, I think POV is the easiest since there are only two of us; we share in responsibilities, and we live close enough.
Bowling For Soup recently celebrated 20 years as a band. You guys returned to PledgeMusic for a Greatest Hits album. Looks like campaign is still active and doing well. How did you go about picking prizes for fans for this monumental feat?

I tried to keep it simple this time. As I said, I didn't want to leave folks hanging. I totally tried to do too much this year, but we are gonna make it I think!
Are there plans right now for another Bowling For Soup studio album?

Yes. I didn't know how soon I wanted to do a new BFS record until we did Warped Tour last summer. When the response was so insane for the band, I knew I had to rethink our next move. I want to do another record next year...We will see... :)
Thank you again.

Thank YOU!!!


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