MTV's  iconic reality series, "Real World" is headed back to the Windy City with a fun, passionate and insanely entertaining group of roommates when "Real World: Skeletons" premieres on December 16, 2014 at 10:00 PM ET/PT on MTV.

As previously announced, this season, the series begins in the traditional way with seven strangers moving into an old nightclub turned fabulous urban loft in Chicago's West Loop, as they look forward to high times in the Windy City and leaving their hometowns behind. But each of these roommates has skeletons in their closets - shattered lives, broken relationships, estranged family members, and dark secrets.  They soon discover they cannot run away from their past mistakes as unresolved issues and abhorrent behavior are pushed to the surface as the 'last person on earth' they wanted to see, comes knocking on their door. As the skeletons move into the loft, the roommates are forced to deal with their past lives while also balancing living with their new roommates, looking for love, or just having fun as young 20-somethings in the heart of Chicago.

Meet the roommates:

Bruno, 24, East Providence, Rhode Island
Twitter: @brunorealworld

A stylish and sensitive ladies' man, Bruno is a Portuguese transplant with old-fashioned values, a tough exterior, and explosive temper.  This stubborn macho man hasn't spoken to his brother, Briah, in three years after a petty argument become an angry confrontation.  

Sylvia, 25, Kansas City, Missouri

Twitter: @smelsrode

A sassy Mexican-American bombshell, this fiery hot-tempered bartender is a serial dater with a "roster" of men back home.  Damaged by the abandonment of her step-father, Sylvia is an emotional girl who longs to find love but often gravitates towards dysfunctional romantic relationships.

Jason, 24, Raleigh, North Carolina

Twitter: @_kazuhnova

This charming lady killer has just lost his job as a car salesman; and Real World comes at just the right time to determine his next step in life.  Raised by his mom after she gave birth to him at 19, Jason has never known his father.  Money has always been tight; and if there's one lesson he learned from his father it's that he'll never walk out on his own child.

Madison, 23, Austin, Texas

Twitter: @madiwadi2by4

This flirty, gorgeous yet naïve blonde with the bubbly personality is known for stealing guys' hearts.  After recovering from a six year battle with drug addiction, Madison now describes herself as a "newborn;" looking to build close female friendships, and finding herself again.

Nicole, 23, Staten Island, New York

Twitter: @n_zanatta

Aggressive and loud, with a thick Staten Island accent, this is the first time Nicole has been away from her home and her triplet sisters.  Extremely competitive, she works as an EMT "saving lives" and as a single lesbian she claims she can "steal your girlfriend."

Tony, 25, Folsom, Louisiana

Twitter: @t_raines33

A handsome Southern charmer with a killer smile, Tony's weakness is women.  A chemical plant worker, he has the habit of not being able to keep faithful to one girl - resulting in a trail of broken hearts and exes who continue to stalk him.

Violetta, 23, Sarasota, Florida

Twitter: @Vmilerman

An immigrant beauty from Moldova, you either hate or love this brash and outgoing partier who never holds back from giving her opinion – no matter who gets hurt by her comments.  A self-described former fat girl who was bullied in high school, she turned the tables on her enemies and became a hard-edged bully herself.

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