Nashville alt/pop artist Sinclair has finally unveiled her highly anticipated debut EP - Sweet Talk - via Drive Music LLC. All Music hosted the first listen of Sweet Talk this past Friday, in which they referred the EP as "lush, mature pop." "Sinclair cites her positive state of mind as the reason for the EP's strongly enthusiastic tone."

"I've been in enough tough situations, with tough people, in tough cities, and you learn to laugh things off," Sinclair stated in a recent interview with All Music. "You have to. If the album is an indicator of where my head is at, I'm in a pretty good place."

Born in upstate New York, Sinclair cut her teeth as a competitive classical guitarist, earning multiple local and national accolades. Although encouraged to play music, Sinclair found herself at offs with the views of her pastoral father and eight siblings when, at age 20, she revealed she was a lesbian. Feeling suddenly disconnected from her familial roots and small town in which she was raised, Sinclair moved to Nashville in pursuit of both a musical and personal identity. Since arriving in Nashville, Sinclair has quickly earned a reputation as one of Nashville's most promising artists.

Sinclair will support The Sweeplings and My Red and Blue at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on November 12th @ 6pm. Please visit for more information.

For more information on Sinclair, be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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