+LIVE+ celebrated the October 27 release of their new album THE TURN with a packed show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles (10-28) which was streamed live via YahooScreen. The 16-song performance–which featured a mix of the band's classic songs, along with a selection of tracks from THE TURN (Think Loud Music)—was streamed live and was available for 24 hours via Yahoo.  Fans can still enjoy highlights of the set via Yahoo On Demand ( for 30 days.

THE TURN marks the band's ninth studio album, for which the group enlisted the help of their early producer Jerry Harrison to co-produce the album.  In the studio, the quartet--original members Chad Taylor (Guitar & Backing Vocals), Patrick Dahlheimer (Bass and Percussion) and Chad Gracey (Drums and Percussion), who are joined by Chris Shinn (Lead Vocals & Guitar)--have re-invigorated its sound with effusive energy and massive hooks.

"I think this +LIVE+ record has been nearly two decades in the making," Chad Taylor says about the making of THE TURN.  "We desperately needed to shake things up. The band had just become, in my opinion, completely and utterly safe, and I just fucking despise safe music. I want to put on a record and have no idea what's going to come next. I want to have no idea what's around the corner, and just somehow we had...I don't know--maybe gravitated towards or had become sort of a cliché even of ourselves. We had to break that mold. In order to break that mold, it meant going back to the beginning, back to the basics."

Up next for +LIVE+, the November 3 European release of THE TURN, which the band will support with live performances.

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