MUSIC NEWS: Fusion Guitarist ANDY WOOD Announces Official GONE COUNTRY TonePrints for Delay Pedals via TC Electronic

Fusion guitar guru ANDY WOOD is recognized for joining an unusual mixture of piercing electric guitars with barn-burning bluegrass – accomplishing a genre of his own creation. Wood's growing recognition, in addition to his credit as the multi-talented lead guitarist for Scott Stapp (founding frontman of multi-platinum rockers Creed), has afforded him new fans and several endorsements!


Today, TC Electronic, one of Wood's top endorsers, proudly announces new ANDY WOOD GONE COUNTRY TonePrints! These TonePrints are a unique, signature tone created by Wood that you can download for free and load into your delay pedal! In addition to the TonePrint announcement, TC Electronic has launched a contest for you to win a Flashback X4 Delay pedal signed by ANDY WOOD. Learn more about the TonePrints and enter to win a signed pedal here:


ANDY WOOD's 24-track (acoustic/electric) double album, entitled Caught Between The Truth and a Lie, is out now via HOLMZ Music/Andy Wood Music LLC. Download the record here via iTunes.


Caught Between The Truth and a Lie was produced by Wood and Mike Dearing at HIFI Studios in Knoxville, TN. The album, as a whole, ranges from dark ballads, adventurous fusion, barn-burning bluegrass, and thoughtfully crafted songs.  Some surprises occur along the way, such as a cover of Led Zeppelin's, 'Fool in the Rain,' arranged as an all-acoustic instrumental with a finger style arrangement of the iconic keyboard melody, and a mandolin carrying the duties of Robert Plant's vocal line.


ANDY WOOD is recognized as part of the forefront of this generation's top influential guitarists, merging a broad range of fusion, rock, metal, and acoustic styles. Currently, Wood is not only keeping busy with his own music, but in the recording studio as a session musician, at clinics around the country teaching hosts of up and coming guitarists, in addition to his position in Scott Stapp's band.


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