LIVE REVIEW: Slipknot, Korn “Prepare for Hell Tour” - Moline IL

July 25th 2014 - Slipknot and Korn took on Moline, IL with the “Prepare for Hell Tour.” The tour we’ve been waiting for since the late 90’s early 2000’s, Slipknot and Korn. We finally got it and it was everything we expected. You’ve got two of the best frontmen sharing the same stage. Two of the most entertaining bands of their generation. Slipknot are fresh of the release of the their #1 album in America “The Gray Chapter” and Korn is celebrating their 20th anniversary of the their debut album.

The show got kicked off with the band King 810. I don’t know what you know about these guys, but they are the real deal. There’s been a buzz about this band ever since they signed to Road Runner. Last night was the first chance I got to see them live and they did not disappoint. Their back story is one worth looking into, it only gives their music and message that much more depth. It adds this edge to their show and presence that most bands lack. They held their own with Korn and Slipknot.

Korn has been through the area plenty of times over the past 20 years. Their back again celebrating their 20th anniversary. Korn has never disappointed me live. Last night they tore the place down with just an opener stage and set. They sounded as good as ever. The highlight for me was “Good God.” I hadn’t heard that song in a while and it was good to see it back in the set. I think most people probably gravitated to “Shoot and Ladders” with Metallica’s “One” mixed in. They’ve been doing that for awhile, but it never gets old.

Once Jonathan Davis walked out on stage with the bag pipes the show had peaked, but it never came back down, “Shoots and Ladders,” “One,” “Got the Life,” “Freak on a Leash” and “Blind” closed out the show. During “Blind” a kid (I’m assuming Jonathan Davis’ kid) walked out on stage to “dance” with the rest of the band making for another potential highlight of the night. Korn can play before or after anybody. Tonight it was before and they raised the bar for Slipknot.

But it was Slipknot's show and it really doesn’t matter how high you raise the bar these guys are going to barrel right through it. It was simply an amazing stage show. I had friends at the show who knew very little Slipknot music who were never bored because of said stage show. I had never seen Slipknot before so I had never seen the rising and spinning percussion kit things. I’d never seen the masks live. It was a lot to take in and an awesome experience.

I’ve been listening to “The Gray Chapter” quite a bit so when they busted out four songs, (five if you include XIX) including “Sarcastrophe,” “The Devil in I,” “The Negative One” and the main set closer “Custer” I was in Heaven. The highlight for me though was the final three songs “(sic),” “People = Shit” and “Surfacing.” Like I said before I’d never been to a Slipknot show and these are three of my favorite songs so it was amazing to see them encore with them. I was a little shocked “Wait and Bleed” didn’t make the set, but it was still an awesome show.

The one negative is that there wasn’t enough people here. Slipknot is from Des Moines, Iowa, 3 hours west of us. Slipknot is playing with Korn, two of the biggest bands of their generation. Why was any part of the arena blacked out? The crowd that was at the show was fantastic. The bands were amazing. That said, I heard from friends or saw on Facebook several people saying they really wanted to make the Slipknot Korn show yet none of them made it. I saw another guy asking for video from the show to see how it was. This show was nowhere near sold out, there were plenty of tickets available…go to the fucking show. It was amazing and you missed it. Support hard rock and heavy metal and go to the shows, that’s how you’re going to keep it alive.

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Unknown said...

I agree it's a shame that show didn't sell out. Two of the biggest metal bands going and one of them is local in Iowa. That is why the QC never gets good metal acts to play here. No one supports them. Korn killed it last night. My 3rd time seeing them. By far their best I have seen of them. And Slipknot stage show was awesome. I was blown away by it. They put in as much energy into stage show as the music and writing. Hope they come back for more shows. Support metal people