Tony Sam's ( debut comedy release from Stand Up! Records (, entitled Scaredy Cat is out now. And if you remember the theme song to the old gum commercial for BIG RED, know the pain of two failed marriages and the trials of being a single man enjoying the park alone and not being mistaken for a serial killer….well, you need to hear this.
Tony Sam is a hard man to get your mind around. By combining old-school, audience interaction comedy with an edgier, barroom-trivia champ feel, Sam masterfully handles the room, demanding to be called T-Bone, re-enacting customer service encounters, and creating the unlikeliest of Nobel winners: the astrophysicist who sounds like he's serving brats and beers outside Brewer's Stadium. He's got a classic vibe that brings to mind Bob Hope, Dick van Dyke, and Johnny Winters, even early SCTV pioneers Joe Flaherty and David Steinberg.
A performer who can turn on a dime, Sam expertly manipulates his voice (he claims that proudly sporting a beard means you have to speak in a higher tone, just to balance out the testosterone) and slides into and out of the characters in his jokes, reaching to Julia-Child-heights for some and a low growl for others. In the meantime, Sam also sports the laid-back modern cool of Kyle Kinane or Daniel Tosh and the zany willingness to go anywhere, like a member of Monty Python's Flying Circus. For a man who claims to be a "Scaredy Cat," Tony Sam is a brave, try-anything comedian in full command of his audience. Oh, and his beard knows all.

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