MUSIC NEWS: Supertramp: Crime Of The Century 40th Anniversary Edition Available December 9

Featuring the cream of Rick Davies' and Roger Hodgson's songwriting, Crime Of The Century was the first of the many peaks in Supertramp's illustrious career; an album that had everything to prove, full of tunes that effortlessly straddled the world of pure pop and progressive rock. The LP eventually peaked at Number 4 on the UK charts and saw the band for the first time on the US Top 40. It was the music and the album's cinematic sonic qualities that accounted for its impact.
Crime Of The Century is not only one of Supertramp's greatest works, but one of the most highly regarded recordings of 70s rock music. Released in 1974, it put the band on the map after three years of struggle. With the unmistakable blend of the two songwriters – Davies and Hodgson's – work, it married the sweetness of Hodgson's 'Dreamer' – the band's first big hit single – with the grit of Davies' similarly beloved 'Bloody Well Right.' In 'School,' 'Rudy' and the title track, the band – Davies, Hodgson, John Helliwell, Bob Siebenberg, and Dougie Thomson – helped define what would soon be known as 'Adult Oriented Rock.' This was – and is – not just an album that showed Supertramp's increased maturity, but a timeless gem, crammed with incredible melodies and thoughtful lyrics.
This 40th Anniversary edition contains the classic original album, remastered by Ray Staff at Air Studios, and a second disc features their 1975 Hammersmith Odeon concert, mixed from the original tapes by original on-the-night engineer Ken Scott, capturing the band on the verge of stardom, showcasing all of Crime, and also previewing tracks from the then-as-yet-unreleased follow-up, Crisis? What Crisis?
The 2-CD package comes with a 24-page booklet of photographs, and a new essay written by Phil Alexander, Editor-in-Chief of Mojo Magazine, containing new interviews with Dougie Thomson, John Helliwell, Ken Scott, Bob Siebenberg, Roger Hodgson, and 1973-1983 Supertramp manager Dave Margereson. Crime Of The Century is also available in 3LP and digital formats.
The heavyweight vinyl set in a beautiful box set, cut by Ray Staff at Air Studios, featuring all the material of the two CDs across three 180gm LPs, with an eight-page album-sized booklet with a longer version of Alexander's essay, and two 10x8 prints.
Crime Of The Century was produced by Ken Scott (The Beatles' 'White Album', David Bowie's The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars). His engineering prowess merited a Grammy nomination and became one of the 'go to' albums for Hi-Fi demonstrations alongside Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon.
Enjoy again the sonic excellence and musical and lyrical sophistication of this well-loved band on this timely celebration of one of Crime Of The Century, one of their landmark recordings.
ORIGINAL ALBUM: School / Bloody Well Right / Hide In Your Shell/ Asylum / Dreamer/Rudy / If Everyone Was Listening / Crime Of The Century
LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH 75: School / Bloody Well Right / Hide In Your Shell / Asylum / Sister Moonshine / Just A Normal Day / Another Man's Woman / Lady / A – You're Adorable / Dreamer / Rudy / If Everyone Was Listening / Crime Of The Century
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Unknown said...

It doesn’t seem possible that “Crime of the Century” is 40 years old. It is proof that great music is timeless. I love all 8 songs on the album but to me the ones that stand out are the 4 that were written by Roger Hodgson. My personal favorite, which contains a very powerful message that has help get me through some rough times over the years, is “ Hide in your Shell “ . Even though the original Supertramp hasn’t toured in over 30 years I was thrilled to learn that Roger Hodgson is still touring actively. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him several times over the last 3 years during his tour through the NJ/NY/PA area and I can honestly say that I have never seen a concert as great as one of Roger’s. He is a consummate artist who obviously loves performing for his audience and he, as well as a very good 4 member band, sounds great. I’m psyched to see him when he plays in Bethlehem, PA and Huntington, NY in November. I also hear that he’ll be touring extensively in 2015 so do yourself a favor and see him if you have the opportunity.

Bikehasj said...

Crime of the century is the artistic breakthrough of Supertramp. However Supertramp is not touring anymore. Roger Hodgson is still touring singing is work. like Dreamer, Hide in your shell, School, and if everyone was listening enough. Coming to hios concerts is astonishing. He sound even better than he was with supertramp. every peace of music is in the original key. for concerts see
this is one of my favourites: you can also like
have fun

Lucy said...

Can't wait for the box set of Crime, one of my all time favorite albums. Great Christmas gift to myself! Amazing how the songs sound so fresh today - 40 years later. It's Roger Hodgson's songs from the album that are my favorites - Hide in Your Shell, Dreamer, School, and If Everyone Was Listening. All the songs on the LP are amazing but I have always preferred Roger's over Rick's. Many people are not aware that although Roger and Rick shared writing credit, they actually wrote and composed separately with each singing their own songs. I guess that explains why I have always skipped to Roger's all these years. Who is going to be seeing Roger in the US next month? Six shows in the northeast. I'll be going to Detroit on Nov. 6. Fantastic show and what a voice! I saw him in May and he did all of his classics plus more - The Logical Song, Breakfast in America, Give a Little Bit, Take the Long Way Home, It's Raining Again, Fool's Overture...Don't miss his show if given the opportunity. Here's a glimpse of what you'll see -

Candy said...

It's great to be reunited in a deluxe edition of this album Supertramp. But really, the most impressive, is seen as ROGER HODGSON, composer of the greatest hits album, Hide in Your Shell, and Dreamer School, currently interprets these issues and many more other hits live during World Breakfast in America Tour these days for Brazil and next November for the United States and Canada, after traveling thousands of miles across Europe and Asia in the preceding months. In these concerts, you'll see who was the spirit and soul of that band. A luxury, with the best sound, the best quality in its presentation on stage and a very special connection between this great talent and audience. Something not to miss at least once in life, you will be surprised, a moment truly magical !!. -

Unknown said...

Fue una auténtica sorpresa para mi saber que Roger Hodgson, compositor de las mejores canciones de Supertramp, aún seguía dando conciertos a lo largo del todo el mundo. Tuve la suerte de asistir a un primer concierto en Cascais (Portugal) y disfrutar de su música en directo, así como del ambiente único y la conexión con el público de todas las edades. Después de esa gran experiencia y esos momentos únicos que viví en Portugal, he asistido a otros dos conciertos más, uno en Madrid y el último en Gibraltar, y estoy deseando que vuelva en su Tour 2015 por Europa. Se lo recomiendo a todos, poder escuchar en directo canciones como:
Hide in Your Shell ( ).
School ( ).
Dreamer ( ).

Enlace a la página oficial de Roger Hodgson "Breakfast in America World Tour"

Enlace de la página oficial de Roger Hodgson en Facebook

Video del Tour de Roger Hodgson