MUSIC NEWS: Sonali Announces “Wake Up” As Latest Single

NYU student and incredibly talented singer-songwriter, Sonali has been tirelessly working and has long-waited to announce the release of her newest single, "Wake Up". The title track off of her five-song EP has been released alongside an acoustic music video, now available on YouTube. The single is also available for free download on Sonali's website,

Sonali has a unique pop-meets-folk-rock sound that she matches with expressive and relatable lyrics. This poised lyrical craftsmanship is prominent, especially in "Wake Up" which Sonali wrote about starting somewhere new and being on your own for the first time. "I wrote 'Wake Up' during my freshman year of college. Everyone's always so excited to leave home, but the second you leave you realize exactly what you left behind. Although moving out on your own is an exhilarating experience, it can also be really terrifying! 'Wake Up' is about taking things one day at a time, and finding the bright side of the situation," she explains. Sonali's music is cohesive and honest, something that is atypical to find in a young pop artist. Her individual story, like her songwriting style is showcased throughout the Wake Up EP, which is also available on iTunes. Sonali teamed up with C&I Studios and director, Joshua Miller for the production of her new video. The intimate performance video also features Joshua Diaz on guitar and Matthew Barrios on percussion. Watch the video now on Sonali's YouTube channel.

Sonali is a South Florida native and has always had a passion for music; over the years she has mastered a number of instruments including the guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard and she is currently working on the banjo. This multi-instrumentalist took her passion and her big dreams to the Big Apple where she is currently a student at NYU. She is a member of the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music within NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, which has provided her with the opportunity to work with some of the finest in the business and collaborate with talented peers. As she has been evolving her music, Sonali has used her resources and reached a place where she is comfortable and confident with her sound. The songwriter says, "I was able to draw from my influences and blend this rich diversity into something that finally feels like me. When I listen to the music and lyrics on Wake Up, it sounds like such an accurate representation of who I am right now and what I believe, and that's a great feeling!"

The famous pop icon Rihanna has recognized Sonali's talents, after a cover of "Diamonds" she recorded with her classmates went viral. Sonali had the opportunity to meet Rihanna at one of her concerts where she personally congratulated them on their work. Through it all, Sonali stays grounded through community service work. 100% of the proceeds from her previous EP Speechless went to Smile Train, an organization committed to providing free cleft surgery to children in developing countries.  She is also an LGBT ally and activist, as you can see from the video of her previous release "Who We Are," which was featured on The Huffington Post, The Backlot, Gaily Grind, and more.

With her fierce passion and unwavering support from her family, Sonali is a force that cannot be stopped.  She is on the fast track to achieving her dreams of international success with her music. Make sure to download both the acoustic and studio versions of "Wake Up" for free on her website and check out her music video on YouTube. To learn more about Sonali visit

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