MAE keyboardist Rob Sweitzer recently announced the creation of a new experimental project called My God, It's Full of Stars and has now launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund a new EP titled M29, which is expected out in 2015.
Fans are invited to help fund My God, It's Full of Stars' EP at
After parting ways with MAE in 2008, Sweitzer returned to his home in Virginia to focus on his own musical aspirations. Unfortunately, his efforts were inhibited when he began to suffer a deep depression which led to a downward spiral into a questioning of self-worth and his inability to focus on finishing the music he had begun to write.
In 2010, Sweitzer returned to MAE and contributed to the release of their (e)vening EP and rejoined the band for their "Goodbye Goodnight Tour" as well as the "Destination: Beautiful" anniversary shows. Following their reunion, his yet undiagnosed and ongoing struggle with depression overwhelmed him and Sweitzer found himself seriously contemplating suicide as the only viable option at that time. A close friend prevented the attempt from becoming something irreversible.
"It's taken some time, some heartfelt reflection, and some proactive measures to deal with a very dark time in my life," says Sweitzer. "I haven't reached nirvana and I don't think I ever will, but I have learned that challenges in life are not obstacles, or at least they don't have to be, but rather are opportunities to grow and become a stronger living being for myself and for others around me."
His personal growth and breakthrough since is directly reflected in his new project, My God, It's Full of Stars' upcoming EP, M29. Mae frontman Dave Elkins will be co-producing the EP with Sweitzer at Elkins' 4115 Studios in Nashville, TN. Despite the familiar cast of characters, listeners should expect a completely unique and new sonic experience -- a parallel path that will resonate with fans of MAE, but explore its own distinctive musical and thematic territory.
"It is my sincerest desire to share these songs with you with the hope that the content and the music will let you know that you are not alone in your individual and personal journey to find who you are," Sweitzer adds. "The darkness serves the light in finding your way, one does not exist without the other and they both serve to help in learning the lessons you need to be stronger for yourself and ultimately for those with whom you may cross paths both now and in the future."
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