MUSIC NEWS: Molly Roth Finds Her Soulful Side With New Single, "Believe Me"

Pin up songbird, Molly Roth is making it her mission to bring the vintage flair back into music with a vengeance, with stride that can clearly be heard in her new single, "Believe Me". Evoking images of film noir scenes while maintaining a memorable modern-day pop sound, Molly Roth has created a new formula for the next big thing. "Believe Me" is now available for download on iTunes.
Alluring the listener in with an old school Rhodes keyboard line reminiscent of a classic spy film, the tune opens up into a soundscape of echoing melodic lines and a tight backbeat supported by the drums and bass. "'Believe Me' is a neo-noir inspired gangster ballad," Molly explains. It has an element of mystery and pain, unlike Molly's previous summer-spirited single, "Pin Me Up," proving that Ms. Roth is a diverse new talent. Focusing on storytelling is Molly's forte, making her lyrical material just as critical as the tune itself, a key that has become increasingly rare on the present-day pop music charts. "Believe Me" follows a woman in love with the 'rough around the edges' mysterious type who has her deeply mesmerized, simply with his presence. With help from producer Courtney Ballard, "Believe Me" presented Molly with the platform to both display her range of musical talents, as well as her artistic abilities as a storyteller.
Shaping Molly's everyday style and music career is the wide range of art mediums she enjoys, including painting and jewelry design. With classical piano training dating back to the age of six, Molly draws inspiration from a large repertoire of musical influences. Aside from classical training, she has adoration for feminine artists from the 20's through the 50's, as well as modern female artists, including Lana Del Ray and Sia. Merging her many influences, they all converge in an obvious and memorable way in the track, making it instantly addicting.
Alongside the release of "Believe Me," Molly Roth spent time taping an intimate performance video at Maeweather Music by utilizing only a piano and her sultry voice. Setting the ambiance with a dimly lit room and a baby grand piano, heights her pure talent as she acoustically dazes the audience. "I wanted to share my music the way I write it and hear it in its rawest form," says Molly. Silhouetted by red lights, Molly pours her heart into the black and white keys laid out before her. Directed by Katrina Stone, the video is now on YouTube and was produced by Molly herself.
With features on The Celebrity CafĂ©, Limerence Magazine and Fern TV, Molly Roth is on a path to prove she is way more then just a pretty face. Be sure to download "Believe Me" on iTunes and check out her website at  
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