MUSIC NEWS: @DALALmusic Writes Original Song, "Superman"

Austria-native and multi-talented entertainer, Dalal, has announced a new song "Superman"in conjunction with "Hair - A Documentary."  The track, co-written with Nate "Impact" Jolley, emphasizes the story of identity and transformation that is explored in "Hair."  The documentary is emotional, dramatic, funny, engaging, and uplifting.  It allows the viewer to look within and think about what their hair really means to them and to question what would happen if they were to drastically change their appearance by shaving off all of their hair or losing it due to medical issues.  Dalal has been working with this project since she was brought onto the board to create music and was eventually welcomed as an additional editor.  Dalal describes "Superman" as: "The song mirrors the key points the documentary deals with: our identity, our need and wish to transform ourselves into better, stronger more flawless versions of ourselves. The Title speaks to man as a species, not as a gender."

The singer/songwriter, actress, model, and special effects artist just moved from New York City, where she began her musical career in the United States, to Los Angeles, where she is currently finishing up her debut album while writing contemporary songs and orchestral scores for motion pictures. Dalal recently signed with Media Artists Group and became newest endorsee for Lewitt microphones.  "Superman" was just nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award, adding to Dalal's growing list of awards and nominations including the Akademia Music Award for Best Pop Song and two Artists in Music Awards (AIMA's).  

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