Johnny Taylor's ( debut comedy release from Stand Up! Records (, entitled TANGLED UP IN PLAID is out now. And if you are in any way, shape or form politically correct….this is not the record for you. In fact, let's just say this whole album is NSFW.

You see, Johnny Taylor has a lot on his mind, and heckling brings out the darkest in a comic. That might be why he mocked a disabled competitor by flaunting his walking skills. Or why he once wished death on an audience member's mother. Or even why he wished another audience member a trip on the Challenger shuttle. Alternatively, it might just be that his inheritance was a literal bag of dicks.
As it happens, Taylor doesn't particularly care what makes him who he is, a stand-up philosopher who brings to mind some concoction of Mike Birbiglia, Paul Giamatti, and the hilariously understated Nelson Franklin. A man forever in his "blue period" (in color and sensibility), Taylor's worked to hone a comic sensibility that's equal parts introspection and intellectual inversion—which is to say, he's funny, thoughtful, a little mean, a little earnest, and a man who lives up to his Twitter handle (few among us can make that claim). He can't pull punches (even with kids), he always judges people on their Facebook profiles, he plays fast and loose with transitions, and he learns something new about himself—nay, about society—every time he practices the art of self love. He could be the guy on stage, the guy next to you at the bar, or the guy who's about to take over American comedy. All we can say for sure is that he lacks impulse control and fully embraces the deliciousness of Channing Tatum. A scholar among stand-ups, Johnny Taylor makes us proud to present Tangled Up in Plaid.
Stand Up! Records is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and run by Grammy-winning comedy producer Dan Schlissel. With a growing catalog and more than 130 releases, they have a 14 year history as a champion of the underdog.  More than just a record label it is a comedy brand juggernaut; combining comedy, great art, discovering new talent, founding comedy festivals and also producing cool stuff.

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