COMEDY NEWS: Comedian Brock Wilbur evolves into fire and fury on third release

Returning to his mother's hometown, Brock Wilbur binges on legal edibles and revels in escaping near death in a fire on his album "Nightmare Fuel", recorded in Denver, CO at the intimate Voodoo Comedy Playhouse.

"After a year of performing nightly in venues across the country, it feels amazing to purge so many ideas and experiences onto a receptive crowd. Anything you record onto an album is thereafter erased from your memory and you can sleep at night again, or so I'm told."

Amongst those stories compiled, Wilbur trolls the Armenian mob on Yelp, fondly recalls his first felony, soundtracks a close friend's funeral, cures cancer with video games, and friend-zones a drug dealer. Brock brings each moment to vivid life with his sadistic sense of humor.

His previous album, (2013's "Crime Travel") was picked up for distribution by Rooftop Comedy, was named one of the year's best comedy albums by Pandora, and was hailed as inventive and original by Playboy. Wilbur has also been featured on Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and national ad campaigns for Guitar Center and Xbox One.

The hour long album will be available beginning Tuesday, Oct. 28 for download through iTunes at

Since his first album, "28 Years Later," released in 2012, Brock has been performing on the road and in various comedy shows around Los Angeles and producing his podcast Brock Party (available through iTunes), and the web-series Ready! Set! Art!!! Brock stars in the feature film "Your Friends Close" and co-wrote the screenplay of "Act Naturally," which won several awards including "Best Narrative and "Audience Award" at the United Film Festival.

He managed standup booking for the Hollywood Fringe Festival; has produced various weekly and monthly comedy shows in Los Angeles; released "FILMPOCALYPSE! 52 Cinematic Visions of the End," a book of apocalyptic film criticism; and co-edited "Exquisite Corpse," a collection of literary experiments sold to benefit Kidsave International.

Be sure to pick up ANONYMOUS, the novel that Publishers Weekly hailed as a "well-crafted piece of experimental, voyeuristic fiction..." and "a winning jumble of the gritty, the raw, and the grotesque" at
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