MUSIC NEWS: Songwriter and best-selling author Mishka Shubaly hits #1 with "Of Mice and Me" via

A songwriter praised by Doug Stanhope and Johnny Depp among others,
Mishka Shubaly leads a double life… as a best-selling author. His
first five Kindle Singles have all been #1 bestsellers - "The Long
Run" has sold more than 80,000 copies worldwide and has been
translated into Spanish, German and Polish.

"Of Mice and Me" marks a significant departure for Shubaly, whose past
Singles have dealt primarily with disasters, death, drink, drugs and
deceit. The new story opens with Shubaly discovering an orphaned,
infant mouse, barely a week old… and his fateful decision not to just
put it out of its misery, but to save its life and nurse it back to

An alcoholic with five years of sobriety behind him, Shubaly quickly
discovers that the mouse is much more than he bargained for.
Mishkalito (as the mouse gets named) spurs love and hope and
tenderness but also an intense evaluation of the shortcomings of the
sober life Shubaly's built, his relationship with his divorced parents
and extended family and, indeed, his entire existence.

"Of Mice and Me" can be purchased via at

Mishka Shubaly is a veteran DIY singer/songwriter. He has shared the
stage with Broken Social Scene, Metric, The Strokes, The Yeah Yeah
Yeahs, Sleigh Bells, and The Decemberists. He has been compared to
luminaries like Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash and Nick Cave,
and his work has been praised by The New York Times, The Village
Voice, The Denver Post, The Portland Mercury and Crawdaddy among

Shubaly will release Coward's Path via In Music We Trust Records on
February 3, 2015.

Amazon customer reviews of "Of Mice and Me":

"A beautifully crafted story. I could not stop reading! The writing is
raw, efficient and driving. I laughed, I cried and I was rooting for a
tiny mouse and a sober alcoholic the whole time. 5 stars without a
doubt. After reading this, I have to read everything Mishka writes."

"Mishka's previous Singles offer us a lot about his past and his
present surroundings; sobriety, running and personal relationships,
all are a constant in his writings. Of Mice and Me presents us with
his stripped-down heart. If you've read any of Mishka's past work or
follow him online, you know well of his struggles – struggles that
aren't really in the past but that he manages with grace every single
day. The self-hatred that led him into alcoholism doesn't disappear
when the drinking stops, and he is brave about revealing how it
impacts his decisions, his relationships and his ability to give and
receive love. This story is about a mouse, and a family, and a very
human man who tries to reconcile what he believes about himself with
what the rest of the world believes about him."

"A beautiful coming-of-age story about a man whose biological clock is
ticking, but the Peter Pan in him struggles to leave behind the lost
boys and join Wendy in the nursery. Can he resist the unconditional
love that having a child brings, or will he default to the old
familiar unfulfillment of remaining unaccountable?

Adopting a baby mouse and nursing it back to health proves to be an
emotional roller coaster ride, triggering unpredictable joys and
fears. A beautiful and brutally honest account of a man learning what
it means to truly 'man up.'"

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