MUSIC NEWS: Deja Mae Releases Music Video for “Wicked Games”

Creating a captivating presence through her hypnotic vocals, merged with electric beats that enclose you; the LA indie duo, Deja Mae and Eric Wright have returned with their own rendition of The Weeknd's, "Wicked Games". The duo's rendition is now available on SoundCloud as a free download and they have just released the music video to match, now available on YouTube.

Entering with a spacey-dark introduction, Deja's voice cuts sharply and hangs on the forefront of hollow, rolling electronic beats. The duo was able to seamlessly convert the single into their own original masterpiece, while still paying homage to the original. As an avid fan of the vocal mastermind, Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd), Deja hits the high notes seamlessly adding her sultry sex appeal but keeping true to the spirit of the song. The video is a reflection of their hard-work and talent, as the video captivates with its mysterious elements.

Returning to the studio with producer and friend, Eric Wright, is almost like second nature to Déjà Mae after they worked together on her past two singles. Eric Wright highlights the radiating talent of Déjà Mae by applying a pinch of his infamous hypnotic beats.  Once again, Eric has forced her to push the limits with her artistic flair in "Wicked Games". Collaborating on her last two singles "Sun Babies (Eric Wright Remix)" and "Honey Pi (Eric Wright Remix)" now on iTunes. The pair knew they had something hot on their hands and went back to work on their latest masterpiece. Eric Wright took time out of playing with his band, The Fretless, to add his magic touch of bringing together Déjà Mae's charismatic, sensual voice with his magnetic tunes.

Déjà Mae was bound to be a star; it's in her blood.  She's the daughter of famous Emmy winning stunt coordinator, and director, Norman Howell.  Having traveled from location to location as a child, it's no surprise she thinks of a movie set as her "home." She's been performing ever since she can remember, but decided to take her creativity into the world of music.  When Déjà Mae isn't singing or writing songs, she's getting back to her roots and lending her stunt skills to shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and CSI: NY.

With new tracks on the horizon, "Wicked Games" is the beginning of an exciting future for both Deja and Eric. Be sure to grab "Wicked Games" while its hot and free on SoundCloud and check out the music video out now. Follow Deja at

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