Nashville rock band Daisyhead has announced they have officially entered the studio to begin work on their long-awaited debut album, which is planned for release in 2015 via No Sleep Records.
Watch Daisyhead's recording teaser here:
The band is currently tracking the record with producer Tate Mercer at Forty-One Fifteen studio in Nashville and is in the midst of creating some of their best music to date.
"This is Daisyhead's first full length album, and we couldn't be more pumped," says vocalist/guitarist Michael Roe. "We're tracking with our good pal, Tate Mercer, who we've worked with before on our Jimmy Eat World cover. Tate is the man, and we have the utmost confidence that he's going to adequately capture the record we've worked so hard to write."
Daisyhead formed in 2012 and in only a few short years Roe along with Zach Chiarizzio (bass/vocals), Curtis Durard (guitar) and Chad Burroughs (drums) are leading a new wave of 90's post-hardcore influenced alternative rock coming out of Nashville, a city known to most as the hub of country music.  The foursome released an EP, I Couldn't Face You, via Spartan Records during their first year, which later lead to them signing with No Sleep in 2013 and the eventual split EP with Have Mercy. With mounting anticipation for the new record, fans can expect the band to deliver a solid debut full-length in 2015.
Fans can keep up with the band in the studio at for additional news and updates.

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