MUSIC NEWS: Branden Daniel & The Chics is back, but their guitar isn't, for their new single

Following their hit, "Missionary", that was among the Top 10 Songs of 2012 on SiriusXM's Underground Garage, Seattle's psych-pop rock band Branden Daniel & The Chics are back with a new 7" single, "In Light", and the b-side "Want To".  But their guitar isn't.  That's because "In Light" has no guitar as the bass takes center stage with drums and vintage keyboards for this dreamy, distorted song with a Black Sabbath-like attack and smooth, Doors-like delivery.  The vinyl release is set for August 5, but listeners can download the digital version now through Bandcamp that includes exclusive bonus copies of the original demos ( or at iTunes ( or Google Play (


Though Branden usually plays guitar, "In Light" required a different approach, so he instead played a bass that thought it was guitar with the help of effects and pedals.  He even made the bassline sound like slide guitar in some places with a pedal and hollow-body electric-violin bass originally made popular by Paul McCartney.


"'In Light' was our first song written on bass," Branden explains. "We wanted to feature more keys in our songs, so that took the place of the guitar because the keys covered the treble range. Even with our 'guitar songs' we tend to be very bass-conscious because, after all, the bass is the most important foundation to a great song. A band's value is based on drums, bass and vocals.  The treble that comes from Guitar and Keys is the cherry on top." 


The band worked with producer Tom Biller (Karen O, Kate Nash, Eels) and recorded the songs on analogue at Seattle's famed Litho Studios, owned by Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam.


"In Light" is the follow-up single to their 2012 "Keep Em Flying" LP, with singles from the album featured on MTV, Vh1 and the CW, as well as their 2013 singles collection including "Melt Chyo Heart" as heard on FM, independent and college radio nationwide.


Branden Daniel & The Chics is Branden Daniel (Vocals, bass and guitar), Nathan Krause on keys and Matthew Winter on drums who famously plays so loud that Branden had to buy a louder amp after he joined the band.

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