Exclusive Interview: Gabriel Iglesias (@fluffyguy) Talks Weight Loss, Getting Nude, and ‘Stand-up Revolution.’

Gabriel Iglesias is one of the most successful, yet humbling, comedians working today. He also is one of the most generous individuals I’ve ever met. The comedian, who has been known as Fluffy for much of his career, has since dropped over 100 pounds. He recently called in from a remote 4-star hotel to talk about his weight loss, getting nude in the “Magic Mike” sequel, and the final season of his Comedy Central show, “Stand-up Revolution,” which premieres, Friday, October 3rd.

You've recently lost a lot a weight. The last number I saw was 100 pounds. What is the exact amount of weight?

About 105. It fluctuates (laughs) five to ten pounds daily.

Do you still find it difficult staying on the diet and workout regimens, even after being so successful in losing weight?

Oh, absolutely. I fall off the wagon every single week. Just don’t have too many bad days in a row. If you do, you counter by working out or not eating as bad the following week.

For the longest time, you've had the five Levels of Fatness, six if you included "Oh, Hell No!" Now that you've lost so much weight, is there a new barometer of weight? Are you still considered Fluffy?

I think now I’m actually Fluffy because I got to the point… I was getting close to right around the 440 mark. Yeah, that wasn’t Fluffy. I was rocking DAMN! for a while (laughs). I think now I’m finally just Fluffy.

This is the third time I've interviewed you and each time your career gets bigger and bigger. You've voiced cartoon characters, performed all over the world, and have had a successful movie with "Fluffy Movie." What is the next goal to reach?

My goal right now is to maintain. My goal is to keep everything I’ve got. That’s it. I feel like I’ve got everything I’ve strived for. I don’t want to be that guy that gets there and then everything goes away. So, the goal is to keep it.

The new season of "Stand-up Revolution" is coming out on Comedy Central. How will this season differ from the past two?

This is the final season. That was a call that I made, not the network, so I think I had a little bit more fun with it. What’re they gonna do? It’s my last one (laughs).

What was the reason for ending it?

Well, I like three. I put a lot of comics on TV. I put a lot of myself up there as well. I just felt like three was good. We had a lot of extra fun on this one just for that reason and we came in over budget as well. The network was not too happy about that but it was a fun show.

How do you come up with the comedians who will be on the show, especially with this being the last season?

A lot of comics I’ve used on the show are comics that I’ve known over the years. Also, ones that don’t get the opportunity to be on TV. Other comics who have been on the show, I always say, ‘Hey, if you have someone who might be good on the show let me know, we’ll look at them,’ and so we’ve taken a lot of referrals, which is cool.

I read that you always take photos and sign autographs for fans. How challenging is it giving up so much time to fans the more and more successful you become?

You know what, it’s very, very challenging and now it’s like, I don’t necessarily put it out there anymore because it can turn into an event. There would be times I would do a show, and my show was two hours long, my performance was two hours long, and then my meet and greet was four to six hours. It took its toll. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m out there making a lot of fans by doing that but it definitely affected my knees, and my hips (laughs).

Yeah, I’ll take the pictures but by the time you get to those last few people, the expression on my face whenever I see it online, I’m like, ‘you know, I might want to just cut that meet and greet a little bit shorter so I’m at least happy in the photo and I’m not looking like I was beat up.’ But if someone comes up to me on the street, or at the mall, I’m happy to take pictures.

My cousin is getting married soon. She wanted me to ask if you'd come to her wedding. What's the weirdest request you've received from a fan, either for a photo, autograph, or appearing somewhere?

I get a lot of, ‘will you go here?’ or ‘will you go there?’ I get a lot of wedding invitations, I get people who try to get me to go to hospitals, I get random requests like that, all the time. Or they’ll take me directly from the show – somewhere. I’ve been kidnapped before and wound up at people’s houses and the next thing I know I’m in the backyard shooting rifles. I’m like, ‘How did we go from the club to here?’

I don't know if you remember this but I saw you in my hometown of Davenport, IA and a couple who came to your show gave you the top part of their wedding cake, a part in theory they should have eaten one year later. What's the weirdest present that you've ever received?

Someone sent me a turtle shell with my face painted on the turtle shell. It was actually done very well, it was an art piece, it was really, really legit. For me, it just freaked me out that it was a turtle shell. It was a really big turtle shell, the size of a hubcap. I’m like, ‘I’m an animal lover. I hope they didn’t kill the turtle just to do this.’

You're slated to return to the big screen in "Magic Mike 2." I read that during the filming of the first installment, in regard to acting with big name actors, you didn't want to piss anyone off, saying that it was very stressful for you. Have you since gotten comfortable now that your star status has risen as well?

Oh, yes, now they’re asking for my input (laughs). ‘What would you do here?’ ‘What would you do there?’ I’m like, ‘Ehhhhhh.’ Now it’s different. Now I’ve got credibility and I’ve got a fan base going so they’re definitely up for suggestions.

So, at this moment in time, right now, still no nudity?

Still no nudity, but I’m open. I told them I’m down, whatever they need.

So, when it's all said and done, what would be the one thing you're most proud of in your career?

The fact that I’ve helped out a lot of people along the way. I’ve stuck my neck out; I’ve tried to put out as many friends, and other funny people along the way. I’ve never wanted to be that guy who was all about himself. I try to spread it out. I’ve been very fortunate to be in this position and I wish that someone would’ve done that for me, to help me out.

That's all I had. Good luck with everything down the road!

Thank you. I got to try and remember that wedding cake now (laughs).


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