Adam Quesnell's ( debut comedy album, released just this week by Stand Up! Records is entitled Can We Afford This Much Despair. It is now available via iTunes, Amazon, the Stand Up! Records store ( and other fine webtailers near you, as well as a limited edition which includes a sci-fi inspired toy doppelganger called The Laughter and Pain Edition is also available.
Based in the middle of nowhere, aka the lovely hamlet of Fargo-Moorhead, North Dakota to be exact, Adam Quesnell debut is a comedy nerd's goldmine, falling somewhere between the mirth of Comic Con, the awesomeness of his beard and troll bars. Comedy bits include software mistakes with GPS devices, the most dangerous places in the universe, (the site that purports to stop alien abductions, not a guide on how to stop your run-of-the-mill child abductions) and his own super hero origin story / alter ego: Chemical Burn. Or is it his "Laughter and Pain" toy?
Designed by Terence Brown II, sculpted by October Toys, cast by Disart Toylabs, with header design by Terence Brown II and Josh Trumbo, "Laughter and Pain" was forged in the fires of some of the leading artists in minifigure creation. With his confused stare and whiplashed back, Laughter and Pain silently asks, "If I'm succeeding, and you are laughing, why is there a void where my soul should be?" Laughter and Pain will come cast in soft keshi-style rubber in a myriad color options (By Tru:Tek of Disart Toylabs), with some colorways being more rare than others. For $25 plus S&H, Can We Afford This Much Despair: The Laughter and Pain Edition will come bagged with an original header and will include a download code for the album. Laughter and Pain will be available near the end of July (more info closer to the drop) at,, and wherever Adam is performing (visit for his dates).
Be sure to pick up ANONYMOUS, the novel that Publishers Weekly hailed as a "well-crafted piece of experimental, voyeuristic fiction..." and "a winning jumble of the gritty, the raw, and the grotesque" at
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