MUSIC NEWS: Pin Up Girl, Molly Roth, Reveals New Single

Soul-pop, singer-songwriter Molly Roth is an old soul trapped in the modern day and age, a quality that is very evident in her debut single, "Pin Me Up". The perfect blend of catchy and soulful, the track is the kind of song you'd find on a summer mix-tape. Enchanting and yet seductive, this feel-good tune is one you find yourself singing on a hot summers day with an ice cream in hand. "Pin Me Up" is now available for download on iTunes. 

With her neo-soul, electric influences, Molly creates a track that manages to transport you to an earlier era; from the sound of the needle hitting the vinyl record in the opening seconds to the overall sound while staying relevant through relatable and fun-loving lyrics. Exuberating a classic charm of Audrey Hepburn with a little Bettie Page risqué, the song is the perfect juxtaposition of class and sass. "I am here to meld classic vintage with contemporary," Molly says of her music. As a songwriter, she likes to focus on love as a predominant theme and challenges herself to embody a piece of a character or scene – emphasizing the importance of a story to go along with the music. For "Pin Me Up," Molly creates a distinct imagery with her high-spirited lyrics complimented by her striking vocal abilities that combine pop and R&B elements.  Produced by Daniel Richard Ford (DrFord) and featuring bass by Joe Gonzales (Aloe Blacc), "Pin Me Up" and Molly's forthcoming EP showcases "the good and bad…it's honest. It's me."

Molly refers to herself as an all around artist. She is constantly working her creativity whether it's through her original music, painting, or creating her own fashion accessories. Strong vocals aren't her only musical asset – Molly shines on the piano and ukulele as well.  Molly started playing at age six. "I can walk into a piano store and spend hours upon hours playing. Pianos have my heart," she says about the instrument. For inspiration, she seeks female artists from earlier eras, namely the 20's and 50's, as well as looking to modern artists such as Sia and Lana Del Ray. Her melting pot of influences is extremely apparent in her music and makes for the unique pop-soul vibe you can find in her songs.

Before landing in The City of Angeles, Molly had posted up in a few different places including her hometown Wilmington, NC, London, England and Berkley, CA – where she earned her college degree. During her time at Berkley, Molly worked as a college representative for Universal Music Group, which allowed her to immerse herself in the business side of the industry as she developed her persona as an artist.

Molly Roth is a comprehensive artist and musician with big dreams and a strong sense of self. "Pin Me Up" showcases her exceptional musical talents and multiple-era infused sound. The new single is just a glimpse into what she can do– but if it's more tracks like this, then Molly Roth will be a name to remember. Be sure to download "Pin Me Up" on iTunes and keep up with all things Molly Roth on her official website:

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