MUSIC NEWS: The Antics, Release New EP, Send It Out

New Jersey based band, The Antics, have released their new EP, Send It Out. Send It Out is the follow up to the group's debut album Running Faster, released in November of 2012.  As they settle into their unique, mature sound, the post-punk/indie-rock group will have fans excited about their delightfully evolved sound. Send It Out is available for download on iTunes.

Luke Meisenbacher (vocals/guitar), Derek Rosengarth (guitar), Josh Reitan (drums) are the fun-loving men that make-up The Antics. "I don't write music that sounds exactly like something else or things that don't matter to me," Meisenbacher said about his writing style. The new tracks showcase the perfect balance Meisenbacher's clear and strong vocals while also illuminating the texture of each instrument. Recorded at Woodstock Studios in Raritan, NJ, "Love and Roses" was the first track recorded for the EP. Upon hearing the finished version, Meisenbacher took time off to write the rest of the tracks featured on the EP due to his newfound inspiration. The band then sought out help from producer Marty Munsch (Violent Society) and engineer Bob Both (James Brown) of Twain Recording to finish the remainder of the record. The EP features six new dynamic songs. Each track is carried by relatable lyrics presented by Meisenbacher's powerful, haunting voice that is complimented by the band's entrancing instrumentals of rolling drums and stellar guitar licks.  The Antics have a thick sound with a density that varies from song to song. The EP jumps from a heavy, darker track like "Send It Out" to lighter numbers both instrumentally and lyrically such as "Love and Roses".

The Antics' post-punk/indie-rock sound is often accented by 60's pop, surf and garage rock – the group is certainly capable of it all. Playing their individual instruments from an early age, each member grew up in a different part of New Jersey yet the members manage to play like they've been together all their lives. The band has been growing together for three years, and through the trials and tribulations; their brotherly bond has allowed them to develop a unique sound that speaks to their vibrant personalities. The group draws inspiration from influential musicians like Joy Division, The Strokes and The Smiths. The Antics have graced the stages of many popular New Jersey and Connecticut venues such as The Space, Crossroads and The Stone Pony and are eager to take on more.  They recently expanded their live act geographically to North Carolina where the played at the NODA Festival held in Charlotte as well as SXSW 2014.

The Antics are continuing their success since Running Faster with this EP, and it is clear they are a force to be reckoned with. Be sure to check out Send It Out on iTunes and keep up with The Antics by visiting them on their official website

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