ALBUM REVIEW - Ace Frehley “Space Invader”

Guitar legend, Rock n Roll Hall of Famer and former Kiss member Ace Frehley is back with a brand new solo album “Space Invader.” “Space Invader” is full of raw and gritty guitar driven songs. If your favorite parts of bands like Kiss, Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, Alice Cooper etc are the guitar parts than this album is for you. When legendary bands make an album outside of the peak of their popularity they make compromises in an effort to remain somewhat relevant, but when members or former members of those same rock bands make solo albums there is generally an honesty to them that their bands/former bands can’t match. After hearing “Space Invaders” I no longer wish Ace were in Kiss. I don’t trust that Kiss would let him be this raw and honest with his guitar playing.

The albums first track “Space Invader” sets the tone. If you don’t like this song then you’re not gonna like the rest of album. It’s guitar first, lyrics & melody second. As far as I’m concerned all rock n roll can follow that logic. “Gimme A Feelin’ & “I Wanna Hold You” follows in the footsteps of “Space Invader.” “Immortal Pleasures” is a sexy countryish rock song. Lyrically it follows the theme of the whole album which is sex, partying and rock n roll. “Inside the Vortex” is an ass kicking riff that follows with some awesome noodling by Ace between breaks. "Change," "Toys" & “What Every Girl Wants” are three bad ass guitar songs. Those three songs would fit right in on some early Kiss records.

I love the guitar playing on the album.  “Past the Milky Way” was one of the songs that was more than just great guitar playing, but a great and relevant song. The highlight of the album is the instrumental “Starship.” I didn’t pop on “Space Invaders” to hear amazing vocals, great songs, insightful lyrics I put the album to hear Ace Frehley tear shit up on guitar. The vocals and great songs are just gravy. Ace Frehley is a guitar God and with “Space Invaders” he’s in top form.

What song describes Ace Frehley better than “The Joker?” He is after all the ‘Space Cowboy.’ The problem with The Steve Miller Band’s version is that the song didn’t rock hard enough, but after hearing Ace’s solo you’ll never think that again. “Space Invader” comes out Aug 19th. If you like Kiss, this album is a must. If you like bluesy, raw, gritty, sexy, dirty rock n roll then I also think this is worth picking up.

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