Music Review: Naama Kates’ ‘Souled’ - Releasing this Fall 2014

Singer/songwriter Naama Kates’ third album, “Souled,” is a brilliant combination of musical shine and catchy lyrics. What Kates does well is reinvent her brand of music from album (“The Unexamined Life”) to album (“King For a Day”) to album (“Souled”).

Although each album is an artsy relief from the pop music that is dominating the radio waves, Kates ‘ “Souled” pushes the musical envelope from previous efforts with sundry music that ranges from stringed instruments, piano based tunes, and euro-pop/retro feelers such as “Windows” and the title track, “Souled.”

Kates’ musical diversity and brilliant lyrics can be heard on the eerie, and somewhat haunting, “Waves” where Kates sings, “I’ll still be a dancer if I’ll only do it on your lonely grave;” the lounge act sounding “Growl;” and “Wait Until Bright.”

This album, much like her sophomore’s “King For a Day,” gets better with each listen. It’s only after a few plays fans will realize how talented Kates actually is.

“Souled” track listing:

01 - Hurricane – 5:15
02 - For Our Friends – 4:09
03 - Wait Until Bright – 4:20
04 - Sunrise – 4:28
05 - Waves – 2:56
06 - Run – 4:24
07 - Growl – 3:13
08 - Windows – 2:56
09 - Chime – 3:49
10 - On My Love – 3:53
11 - Souled – 4:02


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