Seattle based Spartan Records is proud to officially welcome Louisville based alternative rock band The Foxery to the labels growing, eclectic roster. The sextet will be releasing their debut full-length album, Unless, on September 9th and has unveiled the record's first new song, "Broken Vessels," today at The album is also available for pre-order at iTunes and on limited edition vinyl from Spartan Records (  All pre-orders will include an instant download of "Broken Vessels."
Stream The Foxery's "Broken Vessels" now, exclusively at
Coming on the heels of several independent releases, incessant DIY touring, and months and months of persistent writing, The Foxery has found their home on Spartan Records with their debut full-length Unless, unquestionably their most prolific recording to date.
Entirely self-produced, The Foxery spent months dialing in tones, finessing tempos, and meticulously creating the layers that define the new record. Once the band had finished recording, acclaimed mixer J. Robbins (Jawbox, mewithoutYou, Jimmy Eat World) took the reigns for final polishing. 
Thematically, Unless tackles massive questions against the backdrop of a dark and wandering musical journey.
"The central themes on the record are feeling alone and this general sense of questioning; questioning one's faith, faith in ourselves, and faith in the world," explains guitarist/vocalist Cadillac Young. "Loosely, the album is this narrative about walking into the depths of hell, trudging through the bullshit for too long and then crawling out on our hands and knees. The songs are sad, heavy, and dark because we think that without acknowledging those things in life, that we all carry, the light can't shine through."
There is a bittersweet light at the end of the tunnel to the band's dark introspective theme, which can be felt throughout their newly released song "Broken Vessels."
""Broken Vessels" is about feeling like no matter what you do, nothing matters; and then finding comfort in that," says Young. "Nothing has more meaning than what you give it so give everything as much meaning as you can! But only hold onto what you care most about and not much else. Let it all spill out. Someone will see the beauty in what you couldn't carry and make use of it."
The Foxery can best be described as passionate, intense, cathartic, heavy, genuine and fun. In a sense, there could be no better way to characterize both the music and the poetically thrashing spirit of the Louisville sextet.
"We want to inspire people to go into the world and make sounds," adds Young. "Cook, clean, sing, play music, draw and paint, dance, take walks, play in the rain, stop and listen to the silence, challenge yourself to learn new things, read books, and share your passions with the world around you. Make sounds in whatever way you feel comfortable doing so and make them often!"
Unless Track List:
1. (In)ferno
2. Broken Vessels
3. The Sorrow
4. Lamentations
5. The Filth
6. Near
7. Crawl
8. The Filth II
9. The Gnashing
10. The Gnashing II
11. Oh, The Places You'll Go!
12. Patmos

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