Oakland based indie rock band The American Scene's newest song "4th & Broadway," from their upcoming record Haze (out September 9th via Pure Noise Records), was nonchalantly premiered just days ago by a Boston fan named Angelica Abalos via her website ( Wait...what?
It's true! The beloved indie rockers are approaching the release of their new record, Haze, in a unique way. In advance of their new album's debut on September 9th, the band is connecting directly with fans through an innovative campaign to reveal unreleased music from the album.
Called #hazedrops, the band is planting USB drives loaded with a new song in various cities and giving fans the first chance to listen to and spread the music as they see fit. Fans are invited to visit for hints and specifics about the secret locations of the drops.  Once someone finds the drive, The American Scene will alert followers about who found it and where the new song can be streamed.
"Instead of the wading through the digital labyrinth that is the internet to find new music the listener has to search in the real world and interact with actual physical obstacles," explains the band's drummer Charles Vincent. "The USB drops are a reminder to interact and to be present in your environment, and to step back from the digital world and find excitement in your natural surroundings. It's also a means to promote creativity. For instance the first drop was found by a photographer/designer and in debuting the track on her site we promoted our album and one of our fans creative platform. I think that in itself is a very powerful statement."
The American Scene recently debuted a video their first track "Royal Blue," which can be found along with additional information regarding upcoming #hazedrops at
Catch the band in August opening for Balance and Composure for a handful of release dates and follow the band now at for additional news and updates.
The American Scene Tour Dates:
Aug 19 - Fresno, CA - Strummer's (w/Balance and Composure)
Aug 20 - San Francisco, CA - Slims (w/Balance and Composure)
Aug 21 - San Diego, CA - Irenic (w/Balance and Composure)

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