Concert Review: Guns n’ Roses (@gunsnroses) ‘Appetite for Democracy 3D’ Showcases the Band’s Historical Musical Run.

Editor’s Note: This is a review of the Blu-Ray edition and not the 3D

Guns n’ Roses’ “Appetite for Democracy 3D – Live from the Hard Rock Casino – Las Vegas” is live musical history of one of the most recognizable and controversial bands in the world. Led by the enigmatic and unpredictable Axl Rose, “Appetite for Democracy” gives fans a look at the band playing iconic songs the way they should – raw and in your face.

As a music fan, especially one who grew up during the time that Guns n’ Roses broke big, this concert showcases great songs that defined an era in heavy metal. As much controversy Axl Rose gets for his behavior, the front man does things right with this incarnation of Gn’R.

During the concert, Rose slowly introduces the band one by one by one, giving each his spotlight via guitar solo, his own song, piano solo, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I will always love Slash and original company playing the bulk of these songs, but this version of Guns n’ Roses gives fans, both older and newer, a chance to see living history at its best.

Nothing can take the place of seeing a band live in person, but “Appetite for Democracy 3D – Live from the Hard Rock Casino – Las Vegas” is the next best thing. Even though I only got to see the Blu-Ray version, I can only imagine how more clear and dynamic the 3D version is.

Track listing (Release date July 1, 2014)

1.         "Chinese Democracy"
2.         "Welcome to the Jungle"
3.         "It's So Easy" 
4.         "Mr. Brownstone"
5.         "Estranged"      
6.         "Rocket Queen" 
7.         "Live and Let Die"
8.         "This I Love"  
9.         "Better" 
10.       "Motivation"
11.       "Catcher in the Rye" 
12.       "Street of Dreams" 
13.       "You Could Be Mine"
14.       "Sweet Child o' Mine" 
15.       "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2"
16.       "November Rain"
17.       "Objectify"
18.       "Don't Cry"
19.       "Civil War" 
20.       "The Seeker"
21.       "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
22.       "Nightrain" 
23.       "Used to Love Her"  
24.       "Patience"  
25.       "Paradise City" 


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