Comedian Geoff Tate's ( latest release from Stand Up! Records (, Just Another Clown, is out now! The highly anticipated follow up to his first release, "I Got Potential" (also on Stand Up! Records) was released last year to massive critical acclaim.

With nods from fellow comedian Doug Stanhope, who tweeted and featured him on his latest podcast, Geoff Tate is a funnyman whose twisted world includes dropping acid but not telling anyone, meeting your future mate someplace else besides the internet, living with his 'busy' pot-smoking brother after breaking up with his wife and buying crack by accident. By accident.

Geoff Tate has a laid-back swagger that allows for the conveyance of a history of "really" failing at drug tests, being an elaborate and creative liar, fully acknowledging that upon losing his cell phone, he essentially becomes an addled hobo and career moves without any hint of actual bitterness. But don't trust us, here is what other folks are saying.

Geoff "has a knack for mining his own personal history for big laughs," (The Capital Times, Madison, WI) and that "…. his style has been compared to the late Mitch Hedberg." (The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, OH).

"Tate is so fucking funny that after hearing him four shows in a weekend, I still held off taking a shit until he was done his fifth. No kidding," said Doug Stanhope

"Geoff Tate is a crass slob who's life seems to have gotten away from him a bit and I'm not sure he's going to get a handle on it.  In other words, he's hilarious," said Marc Maron

"Rock and Roll meets Preacher's kid. Mockery+Hilarity+Sensibility=Geoff Tate" said Chad Daniels.

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