ALBUM REVIEW: Fozzy “Do You Wanna Start a War”

My first real experience with Fozzy was their last album “Sin and Bones.” That album made me realize this wasn’t just some goofy band with Chris Jericho in it. “Sin and Bones” was a great album, but my expectations were low. Fozzy is a real band that deserves to be treated like one. My expectations for “Do You Wanna Start a War” are much higher and Fozzy blew my mind. Usually I wait for the bands publicist to ask me to review an album before I review it, but in this case I went out on my own, found it streaming at Yahoo! Music and gave it a listen…then I went to Amazon and pre ordered the album. I’m writing this purely as a fan. “Do You Wanna Start a War” will surprise everybody who gives it a chance, even those with high expectations.

“Do You Wanna Start a War” is that its fun for the whole family. The songs are catchy so the kids enjoy it. It’s got a nice beat so our wives can dance to it (as can the strippers) and it’s full of heavy hard rock for me. We all win. I don’t know who is responsible for the album being this great. Is it Jericho, is it Rich Ward (most likely) all I know is that I love it. If I’m being completely honest the song “One Crazed Anarchist” is so bad ass that the rest of the album could suck and I’d still call it a great album. Fortunately that’s not the case though. The album top to bottom is packed with great songs.

The title track “Do You Wanna Start a War” is a simple song that’s a lot of fun. The album starts to get a bit heavier with “Bad Tattoo.” “Lights Go Out” is the clear single and the first ever Fozzy top 40 hit. It’s the kind of song you will here in rock clubs, bars and strip clubs. It’s one of those rock songs that transcends rock music. ‘Died with You” shows Fozzy’s softer side…it’s for the ladies. “Tonite” is a party song featuring Michael Starr from Steal Panther, another song for the ladies. Now the album starts to get real heavy with “Bride of Fire” and “One Crazed Anarchist,” in my opinion the two best songs on the album. “One Crazed Anarchist” is such a good song, have I said that yet? “Unstoppable” is another change of pace song. This one features Christie Cook and is my favorite of the mellow tunes. “Scarecrow” is a weird song, just when you think you know where the song is going it goes in a different direction. “No Good Way to Die” is another solid hard rock tune with a pretty bad ass guitar solo. “SOS” is the Abba cover, but they Fozzify it making it rock a little harder. The final track “Witchery” sums the album up nicely. It’s heavy, it’s got a nice sing a long chorus and it’s got screaming. It's got it all.

I love the new Fozzy record. If you’re holding out on Fozzy because it’s fronted by Chris Jericho then I highly recommend opening your mind. This is the best Fozzy record to date. Anybody into hard rock will enjoy this album. Maybe some of you ‘I hate everything’ metal heads will hate it but who gives a shit you’re the ones holding rock music down anyway. Support rock music, pick up “Do You Wanna Start a War” and be sure to catch Fozzy next time they come to town.

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