MUSIC NEWS: TRAPT Launches Indiegogo Campaign For New Album; Invites Fans To Become Part Of Their ‘DNA’

In addition to headlining their summer long "Self Titled Tour," TRAPT is writing non-stop for their next album, DNA, while putting the finishing touches on their first-ever acoustic album, THE ACOUSTIC COLLECTION. Their last release, REBORN, peaked at #1 on the iTunes Rock Chart, and it was all because of the fans!  To celebrate over a decade of support, TRAPT wants to bring their fan base closer to the recording process than ever before.  By teaming up with Indiegogo, TRAPT is inviting fans to become an even bigger part of their DNA.  The Indiegogo campaign launched Tuesday, June 17, and unlike most campaigns, so do the perks!
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TRAPT is offering great and quite unique Indiegogo perks to those who help them reach their goal.  For starters, every backer will receive exclusive access into the Listening Room.  This backer-only site will continuously feature premier access to content as the album is recorded.  This means fans will be able to hear everything from new vocals, guitar, bass and drum parts, and even new mixes of songs as they are completed.  In an effort to truly make the fans a part of the recording experience; there are also two very special perks that offer listeners a chance to put their own musical input directly into the making of the album.  If you've ever dreamed of being featured on a TRAPT track, here is your chance!  VIP Tour Packages for TRAPT's current "Self Titled Tour" will also be available exclusively through Indiegogo.  These include opportunities to meet the band, hang out on the bus, and even jump on the stage during sound check for a jam session! With even more perks to choose from in this campaign, those who order a copy of THE ACOUSTIC COLLECTION will receive it immediately after it is finished.  In other words, TRAPT backers will be able to claim their perks in a quicker-than-average rate.
"None of the success we've had would be possible without your support and backing!  We have always loved how unique and gifted our fans are and thought, 'What a better way to connect with our awesome fans than to offer a way to really be a part of our art!'  For the next phase of TRAPT, we want you all to be intimately involved in helping us make the new album, DNA. Your contributions prove how well a band and its backers can come together to make something truly incredible.  We want you all to be a major part of the production and promotion of DNA, and we are stoked to come and hang out with you on the road this summer. We can't wait to show the world which rock band has the best fans!"  -- TRAPT

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