Interview: Tracy Morgan Talks ‘Turn It Funny’ and the ‘Bona Fide’ Comedy Central special.

Tracy Morgan is widely known for his work on “30 Rock” and “SNL.” The actor and comedian is now returning to his stand-up roots with his new comedy tour “Turn It Funny,” which kicks off May 3rd in Atlantic City, NJ. Morgan recently phoned in to talk about “Turn It Funny,” as well as his new Comedy Central special, “Bona Fide.”

Q – You’re going to embark on a stand-up tour called “Turn It Funny.” When you were on“30 Rock” and “SNL,” did you get a chance to do a lot of stand-up?

A – Did I get a chance to do a lot of stand-up? I’ve never let stand-up go but I wasn’t focused on it. I had someone else’s voice in my head. I was reading scripts for other people every week, so when the show was ended, I was able to focus that stand-up, and hear my own perspective, see my own perspective, hear my own voice. And that feels good.

Q – I am looking at your schedule and it looks like you have dates in Atlantic City, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and a couple shows in Texas. Are there any cities that you haven’t played that you’re still wanting to?

A – I want to play every city. Every city coast to coast, worldwide. I hope that the dates go well on the ‘Turn It Funny’ tour so we can go city to city, state to state.

Q – Your Comedy Central stand-up special, “Bona Fide,” aired April 20th and the extended and uncensored edition DVD came out April 22nd. Comedy Central obviously edits that down for television. Do you have any say what material gets cut out?

A – Absolutely. Comedy Central extended me that courtesy. We worked together and we put out the best show we could.

Q – The material in “Bona Fide” kind of touches on your life, your family, I think you even joke about Paula Deen. Is the “Turn It Funny” tour an entirely different show from “Bona Fide?” What can fans expect from the upcoming tour?

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A – ‘Turn It Funny’ is my perspective, my voice. How I see things. I thought I saw the Paula Deen situation really great. Just like I’m going to see the Donald Sterling situation, and it’s going to be great.

Q – You recently campaigned for David Letterman’s job but it ended up going to Stephen Colbert. Another host, Craig Ferguson, just announced his departure from “The Late Late Show.” Will you be pursuing this job and if so, do you have a strategy?

A – Yeah, I’ll throw my hat in there, too. I made my balls in late night so it would be perfect for me.

Q – I think you’d make a great host.

A – Thank you.

Q – You also just voiced a character for “Rio 2.” Have you gotten to that point in your career where you don’t have to audition for projects anymore?

A – I haven’t auditioned in years. They hear my voice and they hear a good player.

Q – Thanks again for your time and I wish you luck on the tour.

A – Thank you so much.


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