Exclusive Interview: The Nearly Deads are Alive and Kicking

The Nearly Deads have had their share of success, opening for bands such as Halestorm and playing the famous Vans Warped Tour. The kicker to this story is their debut album, “Invisible Tonight,” doesn’t officially drop until June 24th. Theresa Jeane, or TJ - the band’s energetic front woman - recently stopped by to talk about the new album, as well as their Kickstarter campaign.

Q – Thank you, Theresa, for chatting.

A - No problem!!

Q – I love the name The Nearly Deads. Where did this come from?

A - A few of us are originally from Florida. When we formed the band, we wanted something that sounded punk, but also paid homage to our home state. There's a saying that Florida is "home of the newlyweds and the nearly-deads." So it's kind of a joke, but we love the sound of it and it just stuck!
Q – Real quick, describe your music for those who haven’t discovered you yet.

A - My Chemical Romance meets Foo Fighters led by Kelly Clarkson. We call it polished grunge. It's accessible grittiness.
Q – The Nearly Deads’ debut album, “Invisible Tonight,” drops June 24th. Although this is the band’s debut feature length album, you do have an EP available. How different was writing and recording this feature length album from the EP?

A - The biggest difference is that we played all the songs on the full-length live on tour before going into the studio with them. When we were writing the EP, we hadn't really started touring yet, so some of the songs needed help, and some came together in studio writing sessions. This time around, we had the chance to play songs live, and got to really perfect them before recording. I think it helps the overall album sound more raw. There's a lot more punk influence on the full-length as well. I feel like we've really found our voice as a band.
Q – The band recently released the lead single, “I Said,” on April 8th. How has the response been?

A - The response for "I Said" has been amazing! A lot of fans have been hearing us play this live for a long time, so it feels amazing to FINALLY have new music out there.

Q – The Nearly Deads have toured with other female led bands such as Darling Parade, City of the Weak, and Stitched Up Heart. Since Paramore, there has been an explosion of female led bands. How do you separate yourselves from those other bands?

A - I think our music speaks for itself, but there's no need to separate! We help each other out! Of all these bands you've mentioned, our sounds are all SO different. And I think of a time when major influences of mine like Debbie Harry hung out with Siouxie Sioux, or when Gwen Stefani hung out with Shirley Manson and Brody Dalle. Female-fronted camaraderie is nothing new, and it doesn't need to be a competition. The most you can do at the end of the day is keep your integrity and stay genuine. It takes a lot to stand out and be unique, and I think our grunge influence and overall positive message helps set us apart. We don't try too hard; we just make music that we like, and people seem to respond well to our authenticity.
Q – You’ve had the chance to open for a monster rock band, Halestorm. Being a female lead singer, what did you learn from being around Lzzy Hale?

A - Lzzy is an amazing person, and a phenomenal performer. Every member of Halestorm is so humble, laid back, and down to earth. They didn't achieve overnight success; they've worked hard for years to get where they are. They always treat us like equals when we play with them. The best thing I've learned from Lzzy is that there doesn't have to be anything negative about being a "female in the rock industry." It doesn't have to be hard; it doesn't have to be a struggle!

Q – The band has had the opportunity to play the festival circuit via Vans Warped and venues such as Cannery Ballroom which holds around 1,000 people. Which medium do you like best and why?

A - I love all of it! Being in front of a huge crowd always helps the energy and makes the shows more fun! It all depends on who's IN the crowd. That changes everything. If kids are moshing and jumping around and clapping and getting into it - that's my kind of show!

Q – You’ve just finished a tour with Stitched Up Heart. What is in store until the album release in June?

A - We're going to stay on the road! We are also releasing a lyric video and full music video for our single "I Said" that are both going to be hilarious and amazing!

Q – Thank you again for taking the time. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A - Thank you for taking time for us, too! Being an independent band, we owe everything to our fans. We'd just like to thank them for their years of support, and remind everyone that they can help us by supporting our Kickstarter campaign! We've got some really cool packages to choose from, and you can also pre-order a signed copy of "Invisible Tonight."


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He also is the author of the novels, The Extraordinary Life of Shady Gray, Hello Lesbian!, Hello Fabulous!, and Anonymous. Visit him at www.tanamor.com. Email him at jason@zoiksonline.com.
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