MUSIC REVIEW: Steel Panther’s “All You Can Eat” is Fulfilling

I love Steel Panther. Their music is awesome, Satchel’s guitar riffs and solo’s can be held up against any of the great shredders from the 80’s and their songs are hilarious. I keep waiting for this gimmick to get old, but with each new album they prove me wrong.

They don’t have to be a parody act, their song writing ability and musicianship is second to none, but I’m so glad they are. Their latest effort came out on April Fool’s Day entitled “All You Can Eat.” With songs like “Pussywhipped,” “Gloryhole,” “Bukkake Tears,” “Gangbang at the Old Folks Home,” and “She’s on the Rag” how can this album not be amazing?

“All You Can Eat” is wonderful and they know it with songs like “The Burden of Being Wonder.” Steel Panther may be a comedy act but more than that they’re a walking talking party. Their first single “Party Like it’s the End of the World” deserves to be this summer’s party anthem. I'm sick of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry or some one hit pop wonder ruling the summer. It's about time a bonafide party rock band takes over and Steel Panther is the perfect band.

There are so many great lines on this album it’s hard to pick a favorite. I’m constantly finding myself singing “There was so much love on your face, I couldn’t see the tears” from “Bukkake Tears.” I’m a big fan of “Now there’s blood on the walls, blood on the lamps, blood on the roadies, blood on the amps” from “She’s on the Rag.” The album is a lyrical masterpiece. If you don’t like this album then there is something wrong with you, it rocks and it’s hysterical…what more could you possibly want in a heavy metal album?

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