ALBUM REVIEW – Sevendust’s “Time Travelers & Bonfires”

The reason why Sevendust is my favorite band from the late 90’s is because they rocked as hard if not harder than every other band that came out during that time period, but at the same time their mellow stuff was equally as good. I still stand behind my claim that “Angel’s Son” is the best song in the last twenty years. Live Sevendust usually keeps the show pretty upbeat which makes them impossible to follow or play before. With “Time Travelers & Bonfires” they turned down the volume a tad, but kept the intensity.

The boys in Sevendust reached out to their fans to help them make an acoustic driven record called “Time Travelers & Bonfire.” Sevendust fans funded the project in record time and Sevendust lived up to their end of the bargain with a killer album. Sevendust went acoustic for the double live album “Double Wide” but unlike “Double Wide,” “Time Travelers & Bonfires” features full production value similar to songs like “X-Mas Day” and “Angel’s Son.”

“Time Travelers & Bonfires” is an album you put on, lay down, close your eyes and get lost in the music. It rocks, but it has so many other layers besides just rocking. I really want to get out and see this tour because I love this album and I want to hear this music as well as the other mellow songs…you don’t always get that with Sevendust because they are such an energetic band it’ll be great to see the mellow side of the band.

Along with several original songs are a handful of redone Sevendust songs like “Denial,” “Trust” and “Black.” IF you didn’t think these songs could get any better you much check out this album. I particularly like “Black.” That was always one of my favorite Sevendust songs. I absolutely love this version and I really think you will too. The whole album is truly something special and all Sevendust fans should check it out…along with people who enjoy the mellow side of rock music…with substance.

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