Who is the Best Lead Rock Chick? - POLL

The rock music industry generally isn't known for its female lead singers. Sure, there are a few that have broken the glass ceiling like Heart and Blondie but in terms of ROCK, and not just rock, music, a select few have led the way. 

Along with those few, a couple newcomers have stepped up to the plate to make names for themselves. So, that begs the question. 

Who is the Best Lead Rock Chick?
Amy Lee:

This Evanescence front woman took a five year hiatus and returned with a new incarnation and new album in 2011 and landed #1 on four music charts. Lee's operatic and ghostly voice results in one of the greatest rock/Goth voices in music history.
Lzzy Hale:

Halestorm has risen to the top of the rock music industry with the commanding voice of Lzzy Hale. Hale is the female Chris Cornell and has brought "80's" style vocals to the modern era. She's both energetic and intense and can scream anyone - male or female - under the table.
Taylor Momsen:

This former "Gossip Girl" is the epitome of rock. Her band The Pretty Reckless exploded onto the scene in 2011 with their debut album, "Light Me Up." The band's new album, "Going to Hell," has already made some noise thanks largely in part to Momsen's full-frontal flash in the video for "Heaven Knows." Her vocal range can go from angelic and innocent to graspy and powerful in one second. That's certainly a reason this band's stock is rising.

Shirley Manson:

Manson is one of the coolest front women in history. She uses her melodic and smooth voice to mesmerize audiences and does it all flying under the radar. Her band, Garbage, has been in the game for a while and Manson makes a statement by leading by example.
Maria Brink:

In This Moment's front woman Maria Brink has become a legitimate rock star overnight. She straight up takes each song as if it's the last song she's going to sing and she does it in an innocent yet sexy way. Brink's rock vocals can be heard in the band's song, "Whore," and like the song, fans will love Brink for everything they hate her for - and that's her authoritative voice.

Take the poll below to see who the best lead rock chick is. 

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Anonymous said...

It's 2011, not 2001 below Miss Momsen

Anonymous said...

Alison Mosshart, hands down.

Anonymous said...

Ive seen pretty reckless twice in concert and Taylor Momsen is amazing. She is the best hands down.

Anonymous said...

Taylor :3 <3